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Dark Web Data Intelligence “Matchlight” Is Now Globally Available


Good news for security teams in businesses and government organizations all around the world, Matchlight is now available for public use.

Terbium Labs has recently announced the release of the automated data intelligence system for general use.

Here is how the release of Matchlight is going to affect data theft, which is one of the building blocks of the dark web.


Ever since the inception of its beta version in June 2015, Matchlight sparked the interests of numerous security firms within organizations as it offered very innovative and highly effective information security measures.

Following its public release, small and medium-scaled businesses can finally catch a reprieve as it offers highly effective information security measures at a fraction of the original cost.

Prior to Matchlight, detecting an information breach on the dark web takes an average of 200 days in addition to numerous resources and the manpower required to track down leads.

In comparison, Matchlight takes a matter of minutes to detect an information breach with pinpoint accuracy and runs 24/7.

The automated data intelligence system can be privatized within organizations using data fingerprinting technology that allows the user to create a one-way digital signature in order to protect any sensitive information that is detected on the dark web.

Matchlight is based on a massive dark web search engine which scans every recess of the encrypted platform for any information it has been programmed to detect.

Matchlight poses a significant threat to the growth and continuity of dark web which is heavily based on stolen credit card information among other sensitive organizational data.

Round-the-clock monitoring and the low cost affordability of the information security software remains a tantalizing prospect especially for small and medium scale businesses with limitedresources that undergo a significant number of attacks from hackers.

Matchlight to Improve Data Breach Response Time

Matchlight is an automated intelligence system from Terbium Labs which allows a company to monitor their most critical information through a user-friendly API.
Matchlight is an automated intelligence system from Terbium Labs which allows a company to monitor their most critical information through a user-friendly API.

Data response delays can have adverse effects on an organization especially following the breach of sensitive information by hackers and other malicious parties on dark web.


A speedy response is the key to controlling the damage caused by the loss of an organization’s sensitive information and Matchlight seeks to drastically shorten the amount of time it takes to detect a data breach.

Organizations using the information security software will have at their disposal swifter data breach detection, round the clock monitoring and enhanced privacy which, when compared to hiring teams of data analysts and security specialists, is a lot more cheaper.

Automated System Constantly Updates as the Dark Web Expands

One notable edge Matchlight will have over tradition data breach intelligence is that the information obtained will be 100% authentic.

Digital signatures play a huge role in ensuring that the users only get alerted when fingerprints of the monitored information becomes available on the dark web.

As for the rapidly expanding dark web, the automated information security system is well-equipped to keep up with the growth of the dark web, enabling you to gain access to numerous data sources.

Better yet, organizations will benefit from the user-ready information which saves a lot of time and resources spent to crunch raw data into something that can actually be of use to the organization.

Key Features

Included in its suite of services are the following features:

  • Retrospective search.
  • Data analysis for enhanced data monitoring.
  • Live data feeds which include the monitoring of highlighted keywords, credit information and identification numbers.
  • Private exact-string fingerprint monitoring with a resolution of as low as 14 characters.

Matchlight currently attracts a monthly fee of $5 per record and enables search access for up to 600 records every month.

Terbium Labs has effectively stepped up the war against information theft and possibly commenced the decline of the dark web itself.

Source : darkwebnews


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