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Cogilex R&D Inc. Launches a New Type of Search Engine for Health


LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cogilex R&D Inc., a Montreal-based technology innovation company, today launched a new type of search engine named Seenso Health. Seenso ranks webpages intelligently based on the meaning of their content. In addition, it mimics the behavior of a knowledgeable and helpful guide by offering users knowledge maps of key information and a guided exploratory interface for expanding the search.

“Our goal is to make medical search easier and better. Seenso is a cognitive-based semantic search engine that can identify the meaningful content of webpages and measure their relevance to users’ goals and tasks in context. It can also identify and provide information that is central to users’ needs,” said Dr. Mei Chen, Cogilex’s CEO and chief scientist.

Seenso Health is the first of a series of specialized search engines that Cogilex is developing. “Developing a full-scale real-world semantic search engine that comprises an extensive amount of semantic rules in a knowledge-rich domain of medicine was both conceptually complex and computationally challenging,” said Dr. Chen. “Seenso is the first of its kind.”

Seenso Health’s goal is to provide high-quality medical information in a way that helps users better understand their health problems and make wiser medical decisions. “Nowadays, most of us rely on the Internet to find health-related information, but gaining a good understanding about health issues remains a challenge,” said Dr. Chen. “When people act on fragmented and inadequate information, it can lead to counterproductive feelings, decisions, and actions, and this has become the cause of increasing concern from both health professionals and the search engine community. Our search engine highlights a range of issues important to a health topic and it can potentially help users form a more comprehensive view and make better informed medical decisions.”

Seenso Health is offered as a not-for-profit public service, free of advertisements and user tracking. “We want to give our users the best chance to really learn about things important to their health, without the distraction of ads or concerns about their privacy,” said Dr. Chen. Seenso Health is a platform dedicated to promote health education, self-care, and self-management of chronic conditions at home. “This is our way of making a contribution to a healthier and better world,” said Dr. Chen.

Seenso is being launched at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. A press conference will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Jan. 5, 2017 in Bellini 2003 at the Venetian. Seenso is being displayed at the Eureka Park (Booth #51260) from Jan. 5 to 8, 2017.

About Cogilex R&D Inc.

Cogilex specializes in the research and development of intelligent search engine technology. Its goal is to transform massive, unstructured information into functional knowledge to effectively support users’ learning, decision making, and performance. Seenso Health is a showcase for Cogilex’s innovative technology. Visit


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