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CheckThem is a quick and simple phone and records lookup service


Need to find someone’s phone number? Or better yet, background information? CheckThem is a super simple effective tool to get that information.

It was not long ago that you could find most people in the phone book. However, with the advent of the internet and more people using cell phones and smartphones than ever before, it has become more difficult to use conventional methods in looking up someone’s phone number, public records, criminal background checks, and more.

How It Works

CheckThem is a service that provides you with the ability to find someone’s phone number and a host of other services which includes the following: 

  • Phone numbers and addresses

  • Background checks, arrest and criminal records

  • Licenses, marriage and divorce records

  • Property assessment, court records, and more

You simply enter the person’s name into the search, set the parameters, and press enter. The online search platform takes over and goes through all the records that match the type of search you want to do. The entire process takes only a moment or two and you can see the search progressing as it locates the information that you want.

The information gathered will appear for you to use in finding who you want, information about their background, and other pertinent public records that are legally available to anyone. The service CheckThem provides is above-board and operates only with information that is considered public.

Why Choose CheckThem?

While there are many search-oriented services on the internet, CheckThem provides several advantages that makes them one of the best.

Intuitive: All you need to do is enter the name and you are off and running. For phone records, you can even do a reverse search and start with the phone number. This is an excellent way to track a call that came to your phone and know the party that made the call.

Deep Searches: CheckThem offers a deep search service that checks all federal, state, and county records for public information. This means that you get any information that is part of the public record which includes phone numbers, addresses, legal, marriage, and divorce records, any professional affiliations, and more. You can also find social media accounts, email addresses, and distant relatives.

The services provided by CheckThem represent the culmination of putting together all public records from legal sources across the US. It was not long ago that legal searches were elongated processes that often-missed records in other states. Today, CheckThem has pulled all the information into one place so you can find what you need in moments.

Why are Property Records Checks Important?

Before signing a contract in renting or buying a property, it is crucial to check the record of the property. Obviously, people would avoid paying for a property that belongs to a completely different person. In addition, they won’t rent a property for their family or for themselves in case they know that the property is about to get foreclosed. By checking the property’s tax record and mortgage status, the buyer and the sellers and the lessee and the lessor will be able to get a peace of mind. This is where the services offered by CheckThem come into play.

Why are Arrest and Criminal Records Checks Important?

Another service that you can get from CheckThem is arrest and criminal records check. In case you are interested in  examination of neighbors, new accomplices, guardians and parental figures, and even occupants.

The criminal records have particular subtle elements too that are sustained to the framework (on account of online databases). In this way, when running a criminal records inquiry or check, you should have this data first. You can likewise utilize a person’s name or date of birth in this procedure.

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