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Cheap flight tickets: 'World's first meta-meta flight search' to be better than Google?


GOOGLE FLIGHTS has a direct competitor: META-META flight search - created by CheapFlightsFinder - is a new way for travellers to find the cheapest deal on flights and tickets. 

The company states it is the first flight search engine to compare up to 10 leading metasearch engines - sites like Skyscanner, Kayak, momondo, Google Flights - for the best deals and the cheapest flights online.

The site also has a flexible date function which allows users to find the cheapest day for a flight, then compare that to other search engines to see if there is an even better price available.

Another option allows travellers to search for cheap flights to a flexible destination, meaning they could potentially end up anywhere in the world for the best possible price.

CheapFlightsFinder claims it can search more than 1,200 sources to find the cheapest flight.

Meta-meta flight search to find cheapest flight tickets

Checking multiple flight comparison sites for the cheapest flights online is very important, according to the company's website.

It said: "You should always check multiple flight comparison sites for the cheapest flights online as there can be up to 20 per cent difference in flight prices found on each different site.

"This is because different search engines each search a different selection of sources, and degrees of accuracy vary between each site.

"The best way of locating the absolutely lowest priced fares is by comparing all of them via Cheap Flights Finder in seconds."

Meta-meta flight search to find cheapest flight tickets

 There are a number of other services hoping to match travellers up with the best airfares too.

An update on Google Flights monitors dates travellers want to fly and lets them know when prices are expected to change.

Another booking website, Skiplagged, offers "hidden city flights" to help travellers save up to 80 per cent on the cost of trips.

But even after finding and booking a flight and making your way to the airport, a certain passport rule could stop you from flying - even if you have valid documents.

Meta-meta flight search to find cheapest flight tickets

A passport rule meant a man was denied entry to his British Airways flight from Heathrow to Nice - despite holding a valid passport.

But it looks like the flight company might have been in the wrong in barring passenger Toby Keen.

The 48-year-old had booked British Airways flights to Nice for a wedding in the south of France over the August back holiday, but despite successfully checking in online, a check-in agent at the airport said he could not fly because his passport had less then three months before it expired. 

It comes just months after a passport rule for Britons heading to the US meant passengers were at risk of being denies entry to the country - even with a valid passport. 

Source : express

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