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CareerBuilder shows recruiters how to maximize Boolean searches


Dive Brief:

  • CareerBuilder has released a special guide for sourcing professionals who use Boolean searches to find candidates based on keyword strings. CareerBuilder says their "cheat sheet" can make anyone efficient at finding candidates fast using their methods. 
  • Helpful tips inside the CareerBuilder guide include the use of database search words like 'and', 'or', and 'not' as well as grouping search phrases with quotation marks, parenthesis, and more, when searching for candidates. 
  • The guide can be accessed for free by sharing some brief information on a web form, available in a .PDF format or for your computer or mobile device. 

Dive Insight:

All recruiters are tasked with conducting searches for candidates, whether they are accessing their own databases or large career boards like CareerBuilder. Knowing how to search for candidates can make all the difference.

Quick history lesson: George Boole, a 19th century mathematician invented Boolean logic. It has become the foundation of all database and search engine platforms. Recruiters should be familiar with how to use certain keywords and characters to become proficient in this area. The guide offered by CareerBuilder could be used for training new recruiters on Boolean search concepts and is a handy resource for more experienced candidate sourcing professionals. 

Source : http://www.hrdive.com/


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