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Business Groups Get Pro’s Tips on Search Engine Marketing


Most recently Skillings spoke to members of the Suburban Chamber of Commerce which serves the business communities of SummitBerkeley Heights, and New Providence. He spoke about improving online visibility with Google. Prior to that, he addressed the Neighborhood Networking Group in Berkeley Heights under the general topic "Things You Can Do with Your Website" to draw more traffic there. These speaking engagements came on the heels of workshops he conducted on search engine optimization (SEO) in Monmouth County.

"I think it is important to speak to business groups, because I feel I can make it easier for businesses to understand how search engine marketing (SEM) works," Skillings explained. "I also want them to know that I can step in to do the difficult things like link building that they can't do themselves."

Link building, for example, is essentially about establishing and then fostering inbound links to a website. Skillings points out that a business website can be something of a magnet to potential customers with SEO tools like keyword research, expert analysis of the competition and even social media consulting. The goal is a custom designed plan that fits the client's budget.

His own business website uses the symbolism of the needle in a haystack to simulate the typical business website trying to get found on the vast internet. Google will get you inside the haystack, Skilling reports, but you'll need the right tools and someone who knows how to use them to uncover the needle and make it more visible.


"My clients' interests are my interests and what I do every day is move my clients to better positions in the search engines," says Skillings, who is a Google Certified Partner, which, according to Google "means that you've demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise, met AdWords spend requirements, delivered agency and client revenue growth, and sustained and grown your client base."

Skillings was Global Reporting Manager at Mercer, an international consulting firm, when he launched his SEO business in 2006 at the age of 31. He is a past speaker and regular attendee of the SMX Advanced Expo in Seattle, the biggest and best national search marketing conference for professionals in that field.

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