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Books Vs Internet Research (What’s Better?)

By  Sophie Davidson

The internet has always been our go-to source for fast information. The internet provides information at the appropriate time, unlike books that'll require you to search thoroughly. The internet experience cannot be compared to reading books. Books are a slow process compared to the internet. You tend not to forget anything because you visualize ideas as you read.

However, books are considered more reliable than the internet. This is because it undergoes a lot of reviews before it's published. The internet is believed to contain information posted at any time by anyone. The brave new world summary explains the importance of books in doing research. You can compare essay examples of why books are a better option than the internet. An essential factor to note is that we are missing information by focusing on just the internet. We tend to skim and scan through words when reading on the internet.

Reading books and the internet has their different rewards. It is determined by the topic, the time frame you have to spend, and how deep the research is.

Reading Books for Research

Books are known as learning tools. Students in colleges must read books to support their research. The following are the advantages of reading books:

  • Books cover the topic you intend to find on the internet. There is no subject area you're researching that books don't cater to.
  • Books don't stress your eyes. You don't have to squint your eyes as you do on the internet. You can spend more time researching, and yet you won't get tired.
  • Books are convenient. You can pick it up any day and anytime without worrying.

The disadvantages of books over the internet include:

  • Books take a long time during the book research process.
  • You might spend more using books. It all depends on the topic you're targeting.
  • You might not be free to take books everywhere you go. Books are inconvenient.
  • Research books are tasking. On the other hand, the internet is a fast means of doing research.

Reading the Internet for Research

The internet is a very comprehensive document to get insight information for students. Internet research has the following benefits:

  • The internet is cheaper, and you have the opportunity to explore.
  • The internet is faster. It only requires an internet connection.

The disadvantages of the internet over book research are

  • Not everything on the internet is worthwhile. As a student, the internet has information that shouldn't be believed. There are usually different schools of thought.
  • The information online is usually quick and not well-structured.

 The means to use for your research as a college student depends on how deep your research is.

Why is book research better than Internet Research?

In a contest between books and the internet, books will always prevail. Although it may be quicker and less expensive, the internet also has the potential to lead people astray. For instance, if you search for "how to start a company idea," the results on the internet will vary. There will be a variety of information in the search results from various blogs. However, they won't go into great detail about what you want to understand.

A book on how to start a particular business idea will be structured in an organized and orderly manner. The topics will be treated in-depth. You can easily understand them, unlike just reading a few bullet points on the internet.

Experts write books in the field you're trying to learn from. Professionals with a wealth of knowledge write them. All information in books is of great value and is carefully written.

Professional content writers usually write information on the internet. They spend time doing research and coming up with content. Online content is optimized for readability. The contents might not be information-rich.


The evidence is overwhelming that the internet cannot take the place of books. Additionally, your intended research method depends on the essay topic you wish to write about. You use the internet for a less complicated and easy subject. Books are a comprehensive resource that college students are advised to consult. More complex learning couldn't be done on the internet. Significant pieces of knowledge would support one another.


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