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Bizarre yet most expensive apps on the Play Store


We’re talking apps today…

…how much would you chuck out for an app? Do you have a maximum limit subconsciously set? As a rule of thumb most people would naturally go for the ideal offer when looking for android apps or games. We usually start off by searching for free apps and if they don’t meet our needs we’d opt for the premium ones had we not given up at this point already. For this reason most app developers offer their apps free for download with certain features locked to encourage the user to eventually buy the complete app once they get hooked.

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Nonetheless, some app developers are not fazed by this. They will charge for the work they put in developing their apps to the very last millisecond they burnt, and while frankly most deserve your hard earned money, there’re some who simply deserve a kick to the nuts. They put out half baked apps that are a mockery of the work done by the former and i’m about to introduce some of that remarkable work to you.

Note that Google Play Store allows for a maximum of $200 to be charged for any app, otherwise they’d be charging a lot more.

Without further ado, here’s a roundup of some of the most expensive apps for Android available on the Play Store.

Most expensive android apps

  1. Got Cash?

[price: $111.70]


most expensive appProbably one of the most annoying apps on the Play Store. The description?

Got Cash? Prove it! Show everyone that you have enough cash to buy useless $200 app! Who wants milk, anyway?


Although the price tag has since changed to $111.70, the creators of there app would not even be bothered to change the amount stated on the description. They wouldn’t even replace the cover image with a three dollar HD background from flicker even after making more than $1900 in sales.

Interested? Get it here:most expensive app

2. Most Expensive App

[price: $111.70]

most expensive appGoing through the list you begin to get the feeling these apps were created for douche bags who have nothing else to do with their money except of course flaunt it around and throw it at anyone selling air. The name speaks for itself. However they brought the price down from $200 to $100 for reasons best know to only them not too long ago. Part of the description on this one reads:

Looking for the most expensive app on the Android Market! You’ve come to the right place…

and this…

This app is just for demonstration purposes, and doesn’t actually do anything. So don’t be disappointed if you install it and nothing happens…

Seriously?? And if that’s not enough, 10 sheeples actually bought the app. You can check it out here:most expensive app

3. White Diamond

[price: $130]

most expensive appJust like the other two this app is meant to showcase to your friends (or anyone who hangs around douche bags) how wealthy you are. It doesn’t actually do anything useful for you but allows you to put a diamond widget on your phone’s homescreen so that people can see you’re a real baller.

Thankfully at the time of publishing this article this app has since been pulled down from the Play Store.

4. The Abu Moo collection

[price: $200]

most expensive appAs you can tell by now, this app like its predecessors on this list doesn’t actually do anything except allow wealthy people to show mere mortals like me and (presumably) you that they spent money on it. A lot of money. If you get this app and your friends don’t punch you directly in the face then it’s about time you found new friends. So get it here and find out who your true friends really are:

most expensive app

5. Katya

[price: $55.84]

most expensive appTo be fair, the app is in Spanish so we don’t know exactly what it does, but it looks like it’s an app that simulates a rally car. About 10x more people bought this app than those who bought the ones listed above so I’m guessing there could be something useful going for this one.

most expensive app

6. Mobile Accessibility US

[price: $84.78]

most expensive appNot to make it all crazy and useless we’re going to include at least one app in this first series that is actually useful. Mobile Accessibility US is an app that you won’t mind spending money on. The app was designed for people that are visually impaired. It helps in that the interface talks to you as you move your finger around the screen and reads out the options for you. When you find something that you want to open all you do is to double tap on it and it launches.most expensive app

Chances are that we skipped a few more homicide inducing apps but we’ll be gradually adding more of those to this list in the coming days.

You can help build up the list by mentioning some of your own in the comments section below.

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Source : androidtipster.com


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