Monday, 27 March 2017 04:39

Bing Shares How Image Search Algorithm Works; Says 59% Of Web Images Have Duplicates


Want to understand how Bing ranks and shows data on images within Bing Image search?

Bing shared in detail how Bing Image search provides relevant images for your queries while showing how they now also provide descriptions, captions and actions for images for the new Bing Image search experience.

One interesting tidbit that Bing shared was that of all the images they indexed, 59% of them have at least one duplicate image across the web. They said many images have hundreds, if not thousands, of duplication across them web. A duplicate image can be someone either taking the original image and hosting it on a different URL on their own server or someone making slight changes to the image and hosting it elsewhere, while not sourcing the original image URL.

Here is a graph Bing shared showing data on image duplication across the web:


Author : Barry Schwartz

Source :

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