Monday, 23 May 2016 01:43

Bing search for “periodic table” returns interactive periodic table directly in results


With Bing's latest educational resource, students have access to details for each of the elements right from the search result page.

Bing is finding its way into the hearts of chemistry enthusiasts and high school students everywhere with its latest educational resource. The site has added a fully interactive, color-coded periodic table that shows up at the top of its results for a search on “periodic table.”

The interactive table includes features like the “Physical State,” “Discovered,” “Found on Earth” and “Density” tabs across the top, and its own search box where users can enter the name or symbol of an element to locate it.

Bing periodic table search result

Other features include a slider on the “Physical States” table to show how the elements change with the temperature and a timeline slider on the “Discovery” tab that quickly shows when elements were discovered.

Hovering over an element will display the element’s individual properties.

Bing periodic table element hover

Clicking on an element within the table leads to a search for that specific element with a direct answer box listing more detailed information.

Bing periodic table element result

This new feature comes days after Bing rolled out its interactive solar system.

As part of the announcement, Bing included a link to its full list of educational resources: Bing’s educational tools.


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