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Best iPhone apps for 2017


Get the most out of the iPhone 7 with the top business, productivity and collaboration apps

The iPhone has become the go-to phone for business users. They have access to a vast array of apps that have emerged with productivity in mind. With so many apps to choose from, it can be hard to find the best tools to make your business life easier.We’ve rounded up the best and most popular apps for iPhone that are designed with your hectic life in mind, and even included alternatives if our initial suggestions aren’t quite right for you.


Publisher: Open Whisper SystemsCategory: CommunicationsPrice: FreeThe trouble with communicating with others using a smart device over the internet is that you can never be too sure that someone is snooping in on your calls. Signal offers complete end-to-end encryption, so even the developers of the app cannot see what you are talking about.The app works with you existing contacts list, but whoever you are chatting to also needs to have the app installed too.Main Idea: You will need this if you need to keep private conversations secret.

Wolfram Alpha

Publisher: Wolfram Group LLCCategory: ReferencePrice: £2.29WolframAlpha is the mobile version of the database website that can solve almost any query you throw at it, whether it involves mathematics, linguistics, finance, chemical formulae, the list is huge.Instead of throwing back a list of search results, the app will generate immediate answers. For example, a search for Intel will display revenue reports, share prices, and even employee counts. Forget asking Google for answers, WolframAlpha has you covered.Main Idea: A vast database of knowledge that is regularly updated

SwiftKey Keyboard

Publisher: TouchType (Microsoft)
Price: Free (in-app purchases)SwiftKey is a terrific alternative to the standard iOS virtual keyboard. The smart keyboard replaces your device’s built-in keyboard – and its unnecessary autocorrect functions – with one that adapts to the way you type. SwiftKey learns your typing style over time to give you more accurate autocorrect and more appropriate next-word prediction. It also comes with over 800 emojis, and additional design variants can be purchased for those that want a more personal touch.Alternatives: Brilliant KeyboardTouchPal Keyboard


Twitter IncCategory: Social NetworkingPrice: FreeWhat would the modern world be like without Twitter? This social media app allows you share bite-sized updates with the world, composed of text, photos, videos and web links. Twitter has become a central tool for professionals in the media and marketing industries, primarily thanks to instantaneous communication and the service’s prevalence as a destination for communities of all kinds, from sport fans to TV viewers, gig-goers to political activists, to discuss events, and for those discussions to appear as trending topics.Twitter has experimented with new ways to attract users lately, including altering user feeds from displaying real-time tweets to tweets from several hours ago. But fundamentally, if you’ve not given the social network a try for work purposes, or tried it and given it up, it's still worth getting involved to explore what opportunities it could offer your business.Main Idea: Update the world on what you’ve seen, heard and done in 140 characters.Alternatives: TweetDeckBufferHootSuite

Inbox by Gmail

Google IncCategory: ProductivityPrice: FreeDespite having automated cars, drones and heavy machinery, we’re still living the dark ages when it comes to email, which requires plenty of manual attention and time. Mail technology is getting smarter however, and Google has learned from Dropbox’s experiment with Mailbox when it comes to features such as bundling similar messages together and making reminders into separate entries for easy reviewing.Main Idea: Google’s latest offering in the battle to reach inbox zero, and keep it that way.Alternatives: Microsoft OutlookGmail


EnlightCategory: Photo & VideoPrice: £2.99Mobile photo editing suite Enlight won plenty of plaudits in 2015, and with good reason. Lightricks’ app empowers users with the ability to touch-up images through an intuitive and precise interface. You can overlay photos, swap filters add artistic effects and more. And the app is equally as impressive on the iPhone version as it is on iPad.Main Idea: Enlight offers a comprehensive toolset aimed at Instagramers, amateur photographers, as well as photo enthusiasts who are after greater power from a mobile image editor.

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