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Benefits of Using a Virtual Office

By  Zaklina

Your office space needs to do a lot. It's where the big ideas happen, clients come, and all the background processes occur. The issue, of course, is that offices can also become very expensive to upkeep and maintain. You can do away with the big city office saying hello to big savings just by downgrading or relocating your office. This poses a problem – it can look like a downgrade to your customers and clients. 

The solution? The virtual office. Virtual offices give you the best of all worlds, so you can downsize your everyday office while maintaining the prestige of a large or historic central location for your clients. 

Not sure what a virtual office is, or why you should swap to one? Don't worry, as this guide has you covered.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office, despite its name, is a physical office location. The only difference is that you won't directly work in it. Instead you hire the services of said building so that you can then put down that office's address. Not only can you register your address at this office, but you can also set up things like phone services so that all clients, business partners, the press, and so on, can communicate through that office. 

Your Address 

One of the primary reasons that businesses opt for the virtual office approach is so that they can register their business' address at a central, prestigious location. You can then use that address on your website, official correspondence, and any tax-related forms. While you may not work out of this location, it is where your business is based out of (at least virtually). Cities can then convert your old office into housing, making it a win-win for everyone. 

Phone Concierge 

Have all your calls handled or redirected as part of the service. Think of this option as having your very own receptionist in the building, even if you aren't permanently in one of the offices. You can either have someone man your phone 24/7, or you can have them redirect all calls directly to you – your choice! Either way, having a phone number and service attached to it can help you follow up on every lead

Meeting Rooms

Whenever you want to host a meeting at that office with clients or potential business partners, you can easily book meeting rooms that take care of your needs. This lets you take advantage of top-notch facilities if and when you need them.  

What are the Benefits of Using a Virtual Office? 

There are so many reasons why (and when) you would want to use a virtual office. 

  1. You're Just Starting Out 

If you're just starting out and are looking for a quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to boost your business' presence and prestige. You can continue to operate out of your home, allowing you to allocate your resources more effectively during this crucial time. Then, since you have a virtual office, you have the better business address, a concierge, and even a place to attend meetings if that becomes something essential for you.

  1. You Want to Do Business in Big Cities 

If your business will benefit most from being located in the city centre, don't let rent stop you from giving your business what it needs most. Many businesses operate in cities outside of London, for example, and then rent a virtual office through in order to benefit from the address, phone number, and meeting space of a central location. 

  1. You Want to Appeal to Multiple Customer Bases 

If you operate out of London and want to appeal to American audiences, you'll want to have an office in multiple locations. It isn't always possible to have employees actively in more than one location, which is where virtual offices come into play. For example, you can be based in the US and then rent a virtual office space in London, England. Since your UK-based customers have a UK number to call, you can take on all leads simultaneously, even though you only have employees in one country. 

  1. You Want Around-The-Clock Support 

If you want around-the-clock phone support, but don't want to have someone on hand or can't do it yourself, then a virtual office is ideal. Focus primarily on the 24/7 call services, and you will never miss a potential lead ever again. You can have all calls taken, messages recorded, and then everything you missed while you were away or even asleep passed on to you when you start your day. 

  1. It's Cost Effective 

Hiring a virtual office wouldn't be possible if it wasn't also a budget-friendly option. Not only is each service cost-effective, but you can pick and choose which services work best for you. Typically, you can pay on a rolling monthly basis, or save and get a yearly service, depending on what your needs are. 

  1. You Want a Consistent Place to Hold Meetings 

If you want to touch base with your employees, clients, or business partners semi-regularly, it's nice to reconvene at the same location. By having everyone show up consistently to the same meeting rooms, you can easily establish familiarity and consistency – two traits that are necessary for both employees and clients. No client wants to meet up at a different location again and again. This makes your business seem transient, especially if your client at any point walks away with the assumption that the previous place they met you at, was your permanent office.


There are many reasons why you may want to have a virtual office. With a low upfront starting price and the ability to try it all out one month at a time, there's no reason not to at least get in touch to see if the service is right for you. You can always cancel when you get your own central location, or you can look into other alternatives, like coworking facilities. So long as you find value in your investment, you'll be on the right track.


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