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5 Benefits of Dedicated IP VPN

By  Abdul Rafiu

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network, and it is a cybersecurity technology used for securing enterprise assets across various networks. VPNs encrypt the connection between a device and the internet through a secure tunnel so that every information transferred between devices is kept private to the authentic users.

They also make it difficult for users to be identified or traced by disguising their identity. Hence, beyond securing data being transferred between clients, they also make it possible for users to access geo-restricted content and browse as though they are located in unrestricted areas. 

Most VPN users either use dedicated (or static) IP addresses or Shared IP addresses.

But first, What Is An IP Address?

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are strings of decimal figures created to give identity to every device on a network. Two main types are Shared and Dedicated IP addresses.

When shopping around for a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you may notice that some VPN providers offer the option to request a dedicated IP. This means that you’ll buy static IP and get a unique IP address that’s exclusively for your use only.

Making use of a static IP can have numerous benefits, but the significance of having exclusive use cannot be discounted as well. To understand how this works and the advantages of working with dedicated IPs, let’s examine them more closely.

What is a Dedicated IP Address?

A dedicated IP address is an IP address used only by a single person and not available for more than one individual.

Usually, when VPN users connect to a server, they share the same IP address with several other users across diverse locations. The IP you choose will be available for several other VPN users who pick the same location as you. This means that the data traffic of multiple users is sent across the same VPN server. This is the case with Shared IP addresses.

The dedicated IP service will provide you with static IP that you can use, usually different from your regular IP, and you'll still enjoy adequate security while on the internet. Your data traffic will be routed through that IP while retaining your privacy. 

Dedicated IP addresses are dedicated to you, and no one else can use them. However, this may cost you some extra cash. 

Benefits Of Using A Dedicated IP VPN

Since most people use Shared IP VPN options, very few people are aware of dedicated IP addresses. However, here are five main benefits of using a trustworthy IP VPN.

1. Your IP Address Will Not Be Likely Blacklisted

Using Dedicated IP VPNs will keep you away from being blacklisted easily. You will not have to share the IP with anyone; hence there is no fear of it being blacklisted. Most websites will receive you, especially without any cause for suspicion.

In a case where multiple Netflix users are using the same IP address as you from a shared IP VPN, if the IP is used by one of the users to violate policies and they get banned, the same ban will apply to you. You will not be able to use it to access content any longer. 

Besides, because the IP address has multiple users, the streaming site may be unable to determine the actual location of the IP address and would ban it from accessing the site altogether. You'll be affected by the ban, too, if the IP is added to their blacklist.

Sites like Pay Pal, Gmail, and eBay are also checked. Your IP upon logging in. If they find out it often changes, as in the case of the shared IP, then you may be unable to log in till your identity is verified. This makes it tough to access these sites.

But with a dedicated IP address, you'll be the sole user of the IP address, and that means you may never have access issues if you didn't do anything violating the address. So, you'll be able to enjoy free internet access for as long as you want without fear of being banned.

2. Trusted Email Services

Utilizing a dedicated IP means your email will be trusted by Gmail and other services than emails from shared IPs. 

Usually, emails from shared IP addresses need to be double-checked by the service and may end up most times in the spam folder of the receiver. But a dedicated IP address help to avoid these and even speed up your communication with clients, customers, or employees and can turn out as a huge advantage.

3. Internet Banking Security 

If you frequently conduct internet transactions, your online security is very critical to protect your data from cybercriminals and misuse. You can limit access to your banking account on the internet through your static IP address. This will restrict sensitive data and even your money from getting into the hands of hackers.

Aside from that, you'll also enjoy convenient online banking as your IP address will not likely get flagged for suspicious activity when you attempt to log in. When it is a shared IP, you might either be subjected to increased security checks or get blocked, but your dedicated IP VPN will give you a unique identity in the eyes of websites every time you log in. When these platforms identify you, logging in will always offer a convenient banking experience.

4. Secure Remote Access

Most businesses only accept specific IP addresses on their networks to prevent unauthorized network access. So, as a remote employee or client of these businesses, you can leverage a dedicated IP VPN to connect to business networks safely from any location and access necessary resources. 

5. Uninterrupted Web Browsing

Since many websites block shared IP VPN addresses with unsteady locations to combat theft and fraud by using a dedicated IP VPN, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted web browsing because the IP address you use is only assigned to you and no one else.

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