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Believe Me! This Is The Most Irritating Website On The Internet

By   [Source: This article was Published in BY Manisha Priyadarshini]

 [Source: This article was Published in BY Manisha Priyadarshini - Uploaded by the Association Member: Anthony Frank]

The next time someone visits a website and says, “This is the worst interface I have seen,” ask them to try out the most irritating website on the internet. I bet anything would be better than this crazy website.

The site, aptly named User in yer face, is the most poorly (and intentionally designed) website made by Baggar. The Belgium-based company created this site to point out the bad UI/UX design practices.

The first look at the website is unpleasant with its weird blue background and worst font color ever. I mean it takes more than a couple of minutes just to figure out where to click in order to get past the first page. (Hint: try clicking on HERE)

Once you manage to get past the home page, it asks you to set up your password and then upload a profile picture. Clicking on upload downloads an image and vice versa.


While you try to do that, you’ll get numerous pop-ups with a timer that locks the screen. To get rid of it, click on the “close” button in the bottom left corner of the box.


Next, you are asked to choose 3 interests only yet all the boxes are checked already.


The trick here is to find the “unselect all” option, this unchecks the boxes and makes things easier. The next page asks for profile details where the title and gender do not go together and the age slider is a real pain in the ass.


And oh, there is another annoying popup. Closing it does this excruciatingly slow drop— one Pixel at a time that makes you feel like pulling your hair.

After sustaining all the irritating quirks of User in yer face and managing not to stab yourself in the eye, you get to see the reward screen.


I don’t think everyone has the patience to reach there. My colleagues gave up in frustration. But I had the courage and patience to waste 13 minutes of my life and got my reward — a GIF (Not sure what I am supposed to do with it).

There was also a call below to apply for a job at Bagaar. Too bad I am a writer. But just in case you are a UI/UX designer, here’s an opportunity for you!


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