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Become an Internet Researcher

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Become an Internet Researcher

What you will be doing.  Companies need the latest business statistics on different companies and markets that they have a stake in.  They need to know about the competition and how to better manage their enterprises.  The one thing they don’t have is the time or resources to do it themselves

As a freelance Internet researcher, you will be the one who digs and finds this information for the companies in question. You also put this information into usable formats for the company.   

How to start Research can be done for any company in any field.  If you choose one niche, you will learn over time which search engines yield the most promising information.  You can create a database of sites and the types of information that can be gotten from them.   

Establish yourself by taking freelance jobs as an Internet researcher.  To gain the experience and a reputation, you may have to take assignments in various fields.  Sites like Elance hire professionals like you to help clients with their information gathering. 

Starting costs.  Since you will be working on the Internet as your primary source of information, you will need a computer that can handle the load.  The computer needs all of the latest software for report writing, spreadsheets, presentations, and any other format in which the client may want to receive the information that you’ve found. 

Your home office should be comfortable and functional.  It needs to have a telephone, fax machine, copier, laser printer, and a comfy chair.  You also need money for advertising materials to get your name out there.  Look to spend around $2,000. 

Skills needed.  You need to like research and be good at assessing the value of information at a glance.  A good researcher uses well worn paths to find their information.  Some researchers get bogged down in too much information and have a tough time sorting it all out.  With each new project, you will learn to only chase down leads that are relevant to the specifics of the assignment and throw the others out.  

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MarketingNetworking is important here.  Concentrate on the area where you want to concentrate your research.  Use business associations to develop a list of contacts for mass mailings.  Highlight your area of expertise and list some past work. 

Start your own website to attract customers.  Advertise on as many sites and forums as you can.  Offer discounts for the first research project to gain a client’s trust and the promise of future business. 

Research can be an interesting business.  You uncover bits of information that could mean good news for your clients.  Pretty soon, you’ll be able to find anything for anyone. 

Source: This article was published internetbasedmoms.co


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