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AWS, Azure, and GCP Pricing: The True Cost of Devops

By  Sai Thirumal

Today, every enterprise in the world is updating itself with global trends. In this regard, Cloud Computing became a strong factor to drive business online and is rapidly growing. Now most companies across the globe are taking their business to cloud platforms. This will help them to become modern, minimize their costs, and speed up performance. There are many Cloud Computing solutions providers across the globe among which AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Services are highly competing with each other.

These are the most used and popular Cloud solutions providers. But some analytics from online sources speaks that AWS (Amazon Web Services) has a strong leg in the cloud computing services industry. It holds a market share of around 32%, leaving others like MS Azure with 21% and GCP with an 8% market share. However, these stats are based on the results of the third quarter in the year 2021.

AWS offers IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services including on-demand computational power, storage, networking, content delivery, etc. Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform that offers analytics, networking, storage, etc. services. Similarly, GCP is also a public cloud computing services company from Google and offers many managed services for computing, storage, and applications that run on the Google platform.

Hence, all these cloud solutions are actively serving the public as per needs with lots of products. But you might have difficulty in choosing the right solution for your company and its products. There are different pricing plans available for these DevOps services that depend on multiple factors. Such as application structure, its features, and other factors. 

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AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Pricing

Let us know the factors that need to be considered before choosing the right product for your cloud computing solutions. 

To choose the best cloud services provider, pricing can be the most important factor. There are different pricing models provided by these cloud service providers. Let us see the different pricing models of AWS, MS Azure, and Google Cloud in brief.

AWS or Amazon Web Services offers some best tools like AWS Calculator, Trusted Advisor, etc. with complex pricing systems. These tools will help you get opportunities to save costs by forecasting prices. Also, it offers many savings plans along with strong discounts on its various services. 

MS Azure also offers excellent pricing models with a  billing section on its dashboard. It helps to check your expenditure on different services. It also offers a pricing calculator to estimate the costs of services for the enterprise at different levels and allocate them. 

Google Cloud on the other hand offers a simple and customer-friendly pricing system to serve its customers much better.

Moreover, all these cloud service providers offer a free trial to use before purchasing premium services. Further, they also provide certain DevOps Services for MVP or Minimum Viable Product that includes all the basic requirements to launch a software application. So, we will cover all the aspects here along with pricing models.

Let us know the different pricing models and their factors for each Cloud Service provider.

AWS Pricing Models

There are different pricing models for AWS such as on-demand, reserved, and spot instances, cloud storage, cloud compute, cache services, and CDN

AWS cloud services offer an on-demand pricing model where you can pay a per usage basis per hour or per second. This model is very flexible but at the same time expensive also. Many enterprises consider this model for some time and move to other plans.

Reserved Instances are pre-order instances where you can take the services for 1 to 3 years. Also, they will get around 75% off the actual price of the services. 

Similarly, Spot instances are available on the Amazon EC2 and other computing services and offer up to 90% off on the on-demand price. But you need to bid for these instances. And if your bid price exceeds the market price then you will get this instance. Its price fluctuates every few minutes and it can terminate the process if the capacity exceeds.

Moreover, it offers storage services efficiently within AWS S3 with high scalability and reliability. For AWS Cloud services, it offers Virtual Machines (EC2), for Database services it offers Amazon RDS, and for CDN services it offers CloudFront. All of these have different pricing models for different regions. 

Microsft Azure Pricing Models

MS Azure pricing model also has three basic models including pay per usage, reserved VM instances, and Spot VMs. Here also, the price discounts are similar to AWS model prices. For storage services, it uses Blob Storage, for cloud services it uses Azure VM, etc. for Database, CDN, and Cache services it uses MySQL, Azure cache for Redis, and Azure CDN. Each type of service is charged at a different pricing model.

Google Cloud Pricing Models

The Google Cloud platform also has three different pricing models for its different services. It also offers the pay-as-you-go pricing model which is ideal for individuals who are looking to use cloud services. They have the flexibility to use and remove services as per their needs. Moreover, GCP offers long-term commitment plans for 1-3 years with a discounted price of 70% off the on-demand price. Further, it offers some preemptible instances to use at a discount between 60-90% compared to standard VMs. 

More importantly, these instances can minimize your costs of Compute Engine in case the application is fault tolerant. They also finish all the batch jobs efficiently without putting much burden on the existing instances.

Moreover, GCP uses Google Cloud Storage for storage services, Compute Engine for Cloud VMs, etc. For Database services, it uses Google Cloud SQL, and for Content Delivery Network services it uses Google Cloud CDN. 

However, the costs for all other services except the basic pricing model include a total of more than $ 600 for all three service providers. Here we considered the estimated prices of three different regions the US East/West, and the UK based on the year 2021. For AWS, the cost of all the services including US East/West - is $ 440 and for the UK it is $ 221. GCP, the total charges include for the US East & West is $ 377, and for the UK it is $212. For MS Azure, the charges include for US regions $ 512, and for the UK it is $ 276. 

The prices are estimated on the basis of different regions for the year 2021. These costs may vary from time to time depending on the policy changes by these companies.


Thus, on a whole, Google Cloud Services are looking cheaper and more cost-efficient than other service providers. Based on the market stats it looks better than its competitors. But most large-scale enterprises prefer to use AWS due to its extensive products and services, including business-friendly features. MS Azure is also mostly preferred by large-scale entities that can develop MVPs rather than startups. 

Along with that, there is also an option to search with the help of meta-search engines which can do your job much easier. So, this is the whole information about the Cloud services pricing models for AWS, Azure, and GCP service providers. However, you can consider all other factors to choose the best service model for your business. 


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