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Everything you need to know about Android O – how to get Android 8.0 right now and all the best features


Are you curious about what Google has been cooking up in its Android O development laboratory for the past year? We present to you everything there is to know about the next version of Android and a definitive guide to get Android 8.0 right now!

It just seems like yesterday Google has us all guessing what tasty treat Android 7.0 aka Android N would be named after. A year later with the Mountain View company releasing Android 7.0 Nougat with the first-ever self-developed Google Pixel, everything seems to go down smoothly.

While Android 7.0 Nougat has made its way to most of the flagship Android devices by now and thousands are still in line, the development line isn’t halting. Android is set to take the stage this year at Google I/O 2017 and unveil Android 8.0 (codename Android O), as the successor to Android Nougat.

Everything-you-need-to-know-about-Android-O-0-1024x517 Everything you need to know about Android O – how to get Android 8.0 right now and all the best features

What is the public release date for Android O?

Despite the fact the Google likes to make a show out of each major announcement they make, there’s a whole lot of information that has already been unveiled about Android O. Instead of waiting until May 17, the first look at Android 8.0 has been offered in the form of the first developer preview, to help creators shape up their apps for the public release later in 2017.

As the order of hierarchy goes in the world of Android devices, Google-branded devices will be the first to receive Android 8.0 update. Despite this fact that the latest Android OS version is expected to be released this month and already has a developer preview version out, it will take months for Android O public release, and even longer for OEM Android devices.

Why isn’t Android O part of the Android Beta Program yet

Considering that Google already has its current Android version in developmental progress under a beta program, getting Android O right now has become a tricky subject. Android Beta program for compatible Google Pixel and Nexus devices is running on Android 7.1.1, and rumors suggest that Android Nougat beta development could cease at Android 7.1.2.

Everything-you-need-to-know-about-Android-O-1-1024x593 Everything you need to know about Android O – how to get Android 8.0 right now and all the best features

As the official announcement date at Google I/O draws near, it is expected that Android Beta Program will be switched to focus on Android 8.0 by the end of May. Obviously, Google Pixel and Nexus devices will be the first one in line for the upcoming Android O beta program, so you might have a few months of waiting left, depending on your device.

What Android O features do we know about so far?

There’s always a certain set of standards set for every new Android version that is released, and Android O will be no exception. While Android 7.0 already offers a fluidic user interface and seamless performance, the first developer preview of Android 8.0 offers an evolutionary element at each step.

While the public release of Android O (probably with Google Pixel 2) isn’t expected before fall of 2017, Google does offer a glimpse of what to expect. After testing out the developer preview ourselves, there are some improvements over old features and some entirely new features that you get you pretty excited.

Security improvements

Considering that Android plagued by reports of security breaches and malware, Android O has optimized security at the top of its agenda. One such tweak is the Autofill API, which enables the app that store user data to do so without being granted Accessibility service. One other noticeable security improvement comes when installing .APK files directly to the Android device.

Everything-you-need-to-know-about-Android-O-2-1024x615 Everything you need to know about Android O – how to get Android 8.0 right now and all the best features

The device running Android O when prompted to install an .APK file will not only ask for explicit permission before installation but also when you open the app for the first time. This ensures that you are aware of the permissions being requested by the app and reduces the chances of a malware being installed unknowingly.

Revamped notification channels and notification shade

It has become a rite of passage for the notification shade of every new Android version to be updated, and this year is no exception. Android O previews a notification shade with more icons in the status bar, subtle changes in the design and smarter notifications that can be controlled right from the drop-down window.

Everything-you-need-to-know-about-Android-O-3-1024x535 Everything you need to know about Android O – how to get Android 8.0 right now and all the best features

Apart from the notification shade, Android 8.0 offers some much-needed room to handle notifications from apps and services. Rather than just allowing to enable or disable app notifications, the notification channels will allow you to customize the type of notifications that you wish to receive from a specific app.

More viewing with picture in picture

With the release of Android 7.0 Nougat for Android TV, the picture in picture was released, which apparently is now making its way to Android phones and tablets. Primarily designed for video playback while leaving enough room around for multitasking, this feature puts in place a tiny window on your device screen.

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