WE'VE RAIDED THE release notes in pieces past, but this time around (and with Google's Pixel XL in tow) we're running through some of the more useful additions to have found their way into the latest Android build.

And for those of you who've skipped to the end, cats and hamburgers both have their uses...
1. Split screen mode
Split screen mode in Android Nougat
To initiate the much talked about multi-window mode, long-press the Overviewbutton and your current app will snap to half of your display. From here, it's just a case of choosing a second that you'd like to share the screen with.
Long-pressing the Overview button once more will return your display back to normal, or you can adjust one of the window's boundary lines to either maximise the app or hide it.2. Data Saver
Data Saver is perhaps one of the most welcome new additions to Android 7.0 Nougat, especially for those who have to endure limited monthly allowances.
To turn it on you'll need to first delve into your Data Usage Settings. It's also one of the shortcuts available in the revamped Quick Settings area.Once enabled it immediately restricts data access to all apps - these will continue working but may just access data less frequently than normal. Changing this behaviour is easy enough and can be done by adding privileged apps to a whitelist.Click Unrestricted data access to choose which of your apps get priority.
3. Quickly switch between apps
Instead of cycling through your recent apps view, Nougat can also take you direct to the last used app with a simple double tap of the Overview button.
4. Clear all apps
Scroll to the top of your recent apps and you'll discover a handy Clear all option that shuts down everything currently open.
5. Quick Settings
Nougat Data Saver

Clicking the Pencil (edit) icon allows you to choose which settings appear in the notifications shade. From here you can drag to add new tiles from the depository, as well as long-pressing on an existing shortcut to move it around and reorganise your view as you see fit.You'll also find a few other options like Cast, Hotspot, and Invert Colours. This is also where Night Light lives (if you're rocking the Google Pixel).Another trick worthy of note involves tapping on your WiFi, Network or Battery tiles. Doing so before would send you direct to the Settings page for each, but now you're treated to an at-a-glance view without ever leaving the safety of the notifications shade.