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All that is known about the mobile-first Google index


Late last week, Google started testing mobile-first index. Publishing Editorial Search Engine Land has prepared a list of common questions about this change and the responses to them.

What will change after the launch of mobile-first index?

Google wants to search the index meet the needs of the majority of its members. Currently, the owners of mobile devices.

search engine index is a collection of pages / documents that are indexed by robots.Previously, Google has scanned the Internet in terms of desktop browser now it will do so from the standpoint of its mobile browser.

What if I do not have a mobile website?

In Google claim that do not worry. The search engine will continue to index the desktop version.

If there are two versions - mobile and desktop - make sure that the content and links to them are the same. This is to ensure that Google ranked mobile site as well as an earlier desktop.

The mobile version of the content is less than the desktop. Do I need to worry?

Probably yes. In Google said that ranking algorithms will evaluate the relevance of the mobile site. Consequently, the search engine will only see the version where there is less content.

That's why Google advises to use an adaptive approach in which the contents of the pages on the desktop and mobile versions of the same.

What about the content hidden beneath the tabs?

On the desktop site content hidden beneath the tabs, links, and "accordion" getting lighter and could be ignored by the ranking algorithms. After starting the mobile-first index mobile sites such content will receive full weight.

As the launch of the new index will affect Google rankings?

Google spokesman Gary Ilsh and Paul Haar  believe that the launch of mobile-first index does not affect the ranking. In fact, they want its influence was minimal. At the same time, they note that it is too early to talk about it.

When the mobile-first index to be launched for everyone?

Google said that now mobile-first index is tested on a limited sample of users. The official launch date was not specified. It is expected that testing will take several months.

Will it mobile-friendly content advantage in the rankings?

Previously, Google representatives have warned that the content is not optimized for viewing on mobile devices, will not rank as well. After starting the mobile-first index, this situation will continue.

Now desktop content is indexed, and is used to display search results in both mobile and desktop users. Then, a special mobile-friendly algorithm increases in delivery content optimized for mobile devices. Content that is not optimized for mobile viewing, gets a lower position in the search results.

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