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9 AI Applications: A Beginner's Guide to Using Artificial Intelligence

By  Filip

Alt: A laptop running artificial intelligence programs and applications

AI is everywhere right now.

From that viral AI chatbot to insane AI image generators, it seems everyone is talking about how AI is changing everything.

AI tools have spawned some of the best and most unbelievable content we've ever seen (as well as some of the funniest spoofs and parodies) - 2023 will undoubtedly be hailed as the breakout year for AI.

But how exactly is AI being used in the real world? 

There's no stone unturned regarding how AI is implemented. From finance and healthcare to education and marketing, AI is changing everything, and it's happening now.

Today, we'll give the lowdown on the fascinating world of AI applications and how it's revolutionizing our everyday lives–even in some areas you might not expect. 

So leave your preconceptions at the door, and let's dive in!

AI Applications in Marketing

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Alt: A top-down shot of a marketing plan with graphs and an open laptop

We all know how time-consuming yet critical social media marketing is for businesses today. 

What if you had a super speedy assistant who could create relevant ads and social media posts for you in seconds? 

Enter AI marketing tools!

Platforms like Wepik AI Writer and Freepik use AI to automate content creation and graphic design. No more struggling through writer's block for hours, trying to conjure up the perfect post!

What’s even crazier is that AI can generate 100 personalized emails in the time it takes you to write one. 

Now that’s productivity!

AI removes the grind so you can focus on big-picture marketing strategy and creativity.

AI Applications in Education

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Alt: A class listening to a teacher who speaks with an open laptop

Speak to any teacher, and they’ll tell you that every student is different–it’s true! 

How should one teacher keep up with 30+ learning styles and patterns? AI ed-tech tools are lending a helping hand as personalized virtual tutors and mentors. 

AI presentation makers  from websites like Slidesgo can help teachers optimize administrative tasks, such as preparing classes or parent meeting presentations. AI benefits both students and teachers, allowing new ways of interaction and optimizing tasks on a day-to-day basis.

Apps like Quillbot adapt writing assignments and study materials to students' reading levels, while Otter.ai's real-time captions and notes for lectures make revision sessions infinitely less stressful for students. 

By analyzing student performance, AI tools can also spot when someone is struggling early and recommend interventions to get them on track. 

Instead of one-size-fits-all teaching, AI allows educators to nurture each student's potential.

AI Applications for Business Productivity

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Alt: A man holding lots of notes and folders in an unorganized way

Running a business in today’s fast-paced world is no joke. Thankfully, artificial intelligence is reimagining the way companies operate, lending a helping hand as your new executive assistant.

Need to free up HR for the more complex tasks? AI business productivity platforms such as Anyword and Otter.ai allow you to automate repetitive tasks, meaning you have more frequent access to the creative human minds within your business.

For data-driven decisions, AI analyzes complex data sets and identifies key insights, eliminating the need for guesswork. It can even anticipate future trends before they happen with predictive analysis.

ChatGPT is one of the most buzzworthy AI tools right now for a good reason. It’ll seriously enhance business productivity when it’s used to its potential!

AI Applications in Graphic Design

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Alt: A graphic design desk setup with a computer and open graphic projects

By now, you've probably seen some of the mind-blowing images and videos AI can whip up these days. From vivid illustrations to product mock-ups, AI takes graphic design to the next level.

Maybe you're not a professional graphic designer but need some visual assets for a project or want to bring creative ideas to life but lack the technical skills. 

There are innovative platforms like Freepik that harness the power of AI to generate stunning AI images,  UI designs, illustrations, and more in any style you want.

Just type in a textual description of what you want to create, and voila - AI makes it a reality in seconds! This allows anyone to produce professional visual content and adaptive interfaces quickly.

The age of one-size-fits-all design is over!

AI Applications in Healthcare

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Alt: A hallway of doctors and nurses hard at work in the healthcare sector

That's right, Artificial intelligence is even revolutionizing the healthcare industry, improving diagnostics, surgeries, and patient care management.

AI algorithms such as Oncora Medicals and Hippocratic AI analyze medical scans and health data to diagnose conditions, which means life-saving early detection of conditions like cancer or heart disease.

Of course, chatbots are relevant here, too– they’re providing medical guidance to patients, no appointment needed, with robot-assisted surgeries leveraging AI precision to improve outcomes for delicate procedures. Bioengineering will never be the same!

Experts predict AI could save the healthcare industry $150 billion a year by 2026. When a technology has so much potential to help save lives, the applications are limitless. 

AI is truly changing lives for the better.

AI Applications in Finance

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Alt: A desk set up with a woman managing her accounts and invoicing

Managing finances is a drag. 

Luckily, AI has also made its mark in the finance industry with a mission to drive efficiency and accuracy.

One of the main benefits of AI in finance is the advent of robo-advisors such as Domo. These AI-powered tools automate the process of investing, breaking down the trick bits and making the process more accessible to investor newbies. 

AI has also risen to challenge fraud, with advanced detection systems like SEON using machine learning algorithms to identify suspicious activities and transactions, providing payment security.

AI Applications in Agriculture

Farmers must grow food more than ever to feed the world's booming population. 

It might sound crazy, but AI is responsible for weeding the fields nowadays! 

Apps like Carbon Robotics' weed-zapping robots can automate tedious tasks to help maximize crop yields, while AI drones give an eye in the sky to spot irrigation problems, disease outbreaks, and more. 

By helping farmers work smarter, not harder, AI helps farmers maximize bountiful harvests sustainably and gain confidence for the future.

AI Applications in Cybersecurity

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Alt: A close-up of a computer with cybersecurity protection graphics around it

Cybercrime lurks as an ominous threat to businesses, big and small. 

As hackers become more sophisticated, IT teams struggle to keep up with emerging threats. It's an uphill battle to protect entire networks when attackers only need one weak link. 

Thankfully, there are AI security platforms that help turn the tide through vigilance and foresight. 

Crowdstrike Falcon uses AI pattern recognition to detect anomalies and identify threats as they emerge. Like a persistent watchdog that never blinks, AI is the ideal ally in the face of escalating cyber risks.

AI Applications in Manufacturing

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Alt: A man and woman look at a clipboard next to a robotic arm working on a manufacturing line.

Today's manufacturers are dealing with razor-thin margins and nonstop operational demands, where even minor hiccups along the supply chain or factory floor can cause significant, expensive headaches down the line. 

AI is a handy troubleshooter for manufacturers. Collaborative robots can work shoulder-to-shoulder with human employees on the production line to increase productivity. 

Behind the scenes, AI platforms like Sight Machine can spot inefficiencies before they become real problems. 

And if there are supply chain issues, AI provides the visibility to prevent delays proactively. 

By keeping operations running like a well-oiled machine 24/7, AI allows manufacturers to boost quality and keep costs in check.


AI is transforming industries across the board - from manufacturing to agriculture, cybersecurity, education, and more. It's optimizing supply chains, improving crop yields, fortifying digital defenses, and enabling personalized learning.

The potential economic contribution is staggering, too. Experts estimate AI could add up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2023. And the market just keeps expanding rapidly year after year, with an expected 40% annual growth rate between 2021-2028.

As AI tech advances, who knows what other revolutionary applications we'll see? The possibilities are endless.

The world of AI may seem perplexing at first glance, but familiarizing yourself with real-use cases sheds light on AI's tangible impacts.

The main takeaway? Don't be intimidated by AI - be excited by the potential! 

AI solutions could bring game-changing benefits to your business or organization, too. This technology is the future across industries.


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