Thursday, 24 November 2016 01:29 launches Lifewire, a tech information website

By is launching its third standalone brand in the form of Lifewire, a tech information and advice site.

Lifewire will offer advice and answers on common tech questions and problems in the most clear, simplified format possible.

About, the IAC-owned media company, is in the midst of a transition. Instead of serving information about how to bake a pie and how to manage your personal finances in the same place, the company is breaking up its various catalogs of DIY and how-to information into branded verticals.

The shift started in spring of this year, with the launch of health and wellness site Verywell. Verywell launched with more than 50,000 pieces of content ranging from common medical conditions like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis to simple health tips like how to get more sleep or advice on fitness.

In early September, About launched the second new vertical with The Balance, a personal finance site. Smaller than Verywell, The Balance launched with 34,000 pieces of existing content, all organized under the topics of personal finance, investing, money hacks, career advice, and small business tips.

Lifewire will launch with 16,000 pieces of content written by 40 writers, all focused on how to fix products that aren’t working, what gear to buy, and how to get the most out of gadgets. CEO Neil Vogel said that the company is intent on not crossing the line into technology news, but rather offering more evergreen, informational content.


About plans to launch five total branded sites. However, the next two (Home and Food) will feel a bit different from the existing verticals. Vogel says that with the first three sites, Verywell, the Balance and Lifewire, users are more likely to dive deep and narrow on a certain topic. But the Home and Food verticals are inherently more browsy.

Lifewire may be one of the smallest verticals from About’s new portfolio, but the company chose to launch it before Home and Food (official names TBA) because they had already built out that topic-focused format with Verywell and the Balance.

About’s transition to standalone brands not only benefits users, but helps the company get traction on social media, as well as serve more targeted, effective advertisements.

If you want to check out Lifewire, head over to the website here.

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Author : Jordan Crook

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