Saturday, 22 April 2017 09:34

A Separate Mobile Index to Be Introduced to Google’s Search Engines


Alphabet Inc. has just announced that it has released a separate mobile index for search engines which will process search queries from mobile platforms only and become the primary index. This is a bold move for the parent company of Google as it looks to promote mobile first. In making the mobile index the primary one, anyone on a mobile device will get the best, up-to-date information, whereas desktop users could experience a slight delay in comparison.

Previously, Google’s search engine rankings were based on the PageRank’s index, which searches for relevant links to pages on the web, but is largely fragmented due to multiple apps. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai commented that mobile “now underlies everything that we do today, from Search and Youtube to Android and advertising.”

It’s a move that has been coming for a while as Google among many other companies of today recognize that mobile first is the key to more revenue. More people can be reached through mobile devices than ever before. Advertising can now be personalized to an individual, and people simply can not function without these devices, so it makes sense for Google to push on in this area.

Mobile has become something that is a part of many people’s everyday lives, and mobile search will be the primary driver for Google’s revenue moving forward. It has been a significant driver in the last couple of quarters for Google’s profits and is showing no signs of slowing down; that’s for sure. We have become a society that is constantly moving, so we need technology that can keep up, and putting mobile first is definitely a way to make that happen.

Source : trendintech.com


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