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9 Tools Your Company Needs in 2016


Today’s businesses run on apps. From the customer relationship management (CRM) software they use to track contacts to the inventory management tools they use to track merchandise. The right tools can mean the difference between success and failure for a growing business, especially if its leaders are managing more than one location.

If you’re planning to improve operations using technology, here are a few tools you should have on your devices in 2016. These products will help you be more productive and informed as you run your company.

If your business works with an advisory board, board portal software can help you streamline communications. Leadership staff and board members have a central place to collaborate, locate contact information, upload documents, and much more. This replaces the hundreds of reply-all emails that can fly back and forth, especially in the days surrounding a meeting.


Time tracking is an important part of daily operations for businesses that bill by the hour. But billing isn’t the only reason for keeping up with your daily work. Time-tracking apps can be used to schedule your time each day, then adjust the hours to match the actual time you spent on each task. At the end of the week, you can pull reports that will help you improve your productivity.


Zapier is all about automation. As many apps as we have now, there are still many tasks we still do each day that are repetitive and time consuming. With Zapier, you can automate those tasks, even when they involve multiple apps, using “triggers” and “actions.” You can also automatically share tweets, save attachments to the cloud, and much more.


Busy sales and marketing teams can find it difficult to keep up with all of their opportunities. They may miss out on new leads or fail to follow up after a pitch simply because there are too many other things going on. The right sales tracking tool is essential for businesses as they try to bring in new customers and increase brand awareness.


Legal services can be expensive for a business, but as companies grow, not having access to legal help can be even costlier. Online legal services give businesses access to ongoing personal legal assistance for a monthly fee or a la carte services as needed.


One of the most difficult tasks in content marketing is determining what content will bring customers to you. SEMrush analyzes competitors’ keywords to help your websites, articles, and blog posts outrank them in search results.


If you’re working with teams, project collaboration tools will save everyone time. These tools use a social media environment to encourage team members to post updates, add documents, and even make small talk. This is especially useful for teams that work remotely, since they don’t have the luxury of in-person meetings on a regular basis.

Thrive Day Planner

At one time, a business leader wouldn’t be seen without a day planner in hand. This daily planner puts the traditional look and feel of a paper-based planner into a digital format, giving you access from your phone, tablet, or computer. Since it’s designed primarily for entrepreneurs, there are several features that will connect well with those who are working hard to grow their businesses.


If your organization has been on social media for a while, you’ve likely gathered numerous followers and many of them may not be legitimately interested in what you’re doing. Tweepi not only helps you find new, more relevant, social media users, but it can also clean up your follower lists by flushing out irrelevant and inactive users.

By automating as much as possible, your business can save time and increase productivity. That means more money coming in and less wasted on inefficient processes. This list can help you get started, but there are many other apps out there that can help you increase your business’s daily productivity.



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