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6 Trends That Will Dictate The Future Of Local SEO


Search engine optimization has evolved every year.  As new algorithms are released, SEO practitioners have tried to adhere to best practices as several businesses compete for their top position in search engine results.

Here are top 6 trends that will dictate the future of the field:

1.      Mobility Is The Most Important Priority

Search engines rank fast loading responsive websites higher based on customer needs. Optimize and minimize images so that they are lean and load faster. Remove unused plugins and apps too. Smart mobility is the biggest priority that is bound to rule 2017 since mobile-ready websites are now often preferred over the others and apps are pushing businesses for higher growth and expansion too.

2.      Optimize For Google My Business 

Mobile users always opt for nearby business so that they get instant solutions. Most new studies reveal that more than 50% of mobile searches have local intent. With the searches originating from mobile clamouring for local relevance, search engines now concentrate business information and website, based on location too. Those local listings also release better click-through rate (CTR) and also fetch more customers for business.

3.      Citation And Their Distribution

Citations are very important in terms of Local SEO.  Consistent citations are crucial and one has to make sure that there are no inconsistencies. One should also use the same business information across the web so that online branding is easy.

Different business names and related information can diminish the effect of SEO. If you want to change information, change all the created citations with the same without fail. Also, get citations from good authority sites especially high-quality websites who will in turn help your search engine rankings.

4.      Use Local Schema Markup Effectively

Schema markups are usually structured data markups that relay business information to search engines. The schema can be added to existing HTML microdata just like the tags on a page. Google will alert you of errors, if any in structured data too.

With the right usage of schema markups, one can raise their site ranking in local searches by several positions.  But it is not popular yet, which is where you have an advantage. With local schema markups, you can thwart competition easily.

5.      Customer Reviews Always Matter

Google has now banked on customer reviews for higher ranks, and hence snippets of reviews are visible on search engine results pages. Businesses that manage to gain golden stars will feature higher in search engine results and even boost your click-through rates.

By getting better customer reviews on your site, you can claim advantage over competitors.

6.      Publish Locally Optimized Content on A Consistent Basis

When you can, it is important that you rely on visuals and graphics for relaying today’s attention-deficient readers. Also use effective calls to action. Publishing locally optimized content is important in this regard since search engines prefer fresh content for local SEO marketing. Include relevant local keywords in all the elements of content, organically and consistently too.

Author : Matt Janaway

Source : http://www.businesszone.co.uk/community/discuss/6-trends-that-will-dictate-the-future-of-local-seo


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