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6 Tips and Tricks to Master Google Search


Millions of internet users access Google’s search engine at least once a day to view all sorts of information.

Though, besides the rectangular search box, with the Google logo placed above, there is a slew of hidden tips and tricks underneath the surface, that even the average Joe web user can learn and master the Google Search within minutes.

Here we have listed six of them.



Specific Phrase


If you would like to look for a specific content based on a particular phrase, you can enclose the phrase in double quotes.

For example, if you search with “Software Engineering“, Google will solely return information which contains this term.

Site Specific Search



If you would like to fetch information from a specific site based on a specific content, you can make use of the following statement.

"samsung galaxy" site:

As you can see above, Google displays only those results which contain the specific term from a provided website.

Stock symbol


Nowadays, stock market fluctuates daily. If you are curious to know about the performance of the company, you simply need to input the company symbol like MSFT. Google will display the stock details in real time.

In addition to stock related details in graphical format, Google also displays related news and information.

Document Type Searching


If you would like to fetch information in a particular document type, like PowerPoint, you can search using the below-mentioned format.

"artificial intelligence" filetype:ppt

As you can see, Google only searched for PowerPoint slides which contain the topic artificial intelligence.

Time Identification


If you would like to know the time of a specific place, you need not have to make use of Time and Date related websites. Hit Google and search using the following format.

 - time panama

In this case, Google lists the correct time of Panama island.

In addition to time, Google also lists the latest information related to the searched location.

Usage of OR keyword


Sometimes, you come across a situation where you need to provide two keywords. In such a case, you can separate them with OR and Google will return results based on a random keyword

printed notebooks OR laptops

The above search parameter will either search for printed notebooks or laptops.

In this way, you can extend Google and perform search based on your requirements and preferences.

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