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5 Ways Facebook Can Make or Break Your Website


You’ve put hard work into building your website, but can people find it? Even with top search engine placement, if customers aren’t searching for your business’s product or service, they may not be able to find you. For today’s businesses, the best way to get the word out is to find those potential customers online, where they spend the most time.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, with a 61-percent market share. Because of its popularity, it remains one of the best options for letting customers know about your website and encouraging them to click over. With so much competition, however, it can be hard to get your message across to customers. Here are a few ways Facebook can help push your website to the next level.

Invite Facebook Interaction

The first step toward promoting your website on Facebook starts on your website. Your visitors should easily be able to find a link to your Facebook page so that they can click over and like your business there. You should also add “like” buttons to your product descriptions and blog posts to give customers a chance to let their Facebook friends know what they’re enjoying on your site. When you post a blog, don’t settle for the basic comment box common to blog posts. Instead add a Facebook comment box, as well, to give your visitors the chance to comment in a way that will show up on their newsfeeds.

Promote Posted Content

One of the best ways to increase visitorship to your site is by adding compelling content. Create an insightful, informative blog post that is likely to appeal to your target customer, then post that link to your Facebook page. Some of your page followers will click over and read the post and some may even share on their own feeds. The more interesting the content, the more likely you’ll encourage shares. Those new readers will be introduced to your brand for the first time thanks to the content you created, possibly leading to a sale. At the very least, you’ll have brought visitors to a site they wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Place an Ad

If you’re only posting updates to your own page, you’re likely speaking solely to the customers who already know about you. To reach new customers, consider paying for a Facebook ad to direct traffic to your website. For best results, promote a specific product, event, or service you offer and use professional-quality images to draw attention to your ads. When the text and images in your ads are optimized to generate click-throughs, you’ll get a better return on your investment. The new customers your paid ads bring will follow your future marketing efforts, helping you slowly grow a loyal audience.

Host a Contest

A contest is a great way to generate traffic across platforms. You can host the contest on your website and encourage people to take action on Facebook to qualify for entry into the contest. To make it more effective, ask participants to complete an action that will get their own followers’ attention, like sharing photos or videos of themselves interacting with your brand. Visuals are more likely to get attention than a mere like or text-based post. Make sure you stay within Facebook’s rules for contests to avoid your contest being blocked.

Ask for Feedback

A subtle, but very useful, way to get the word out about your website is to ask your social media followers for their thoughts. If you’ve conducted a major redesign or made changes to the look of your site, post a poll to Facebook asking your customers to tell you what they think. If you sell products through your website, post a poll to help you decide which product to carry next or ask your followers their favorite flavor or color of an item. Customers will enjoy being part of the process and you’ll effectively draw attention to your website.

Facebook is the perfect tool for getting the word out about your business’s website. When done correctly, you’ll be able to increase loyalty among your existing followers, while also reaching out to customers who have not yet heard of your brand. Aside from paid advertising, this marketing is free, making it accessible to even the most budget-challenged businesses.


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