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5 Simple Tricks to Search YouTube Videos Like a Pro


There are nearly hundreds and thousands of videos being uploaded to YouTube every minute. Hence, it proves to be an extremely daunting task to search for your favorite videos among the many others.

Whether its about watching a music video or a movie or tips that can help you in your every day routine, YouTube has been the best companion for many over the years now. However, while typing something on the YouTube search engine, there appear various unwanted and unrelated videos, and searching the one that you want is quite time-consuming and annoying.

We at GizBot have come up with a few tricks that every YouTube user should follow to be a pro at it and enjoy their favorite videos without any interruption.

#1: Add the Word

#1: Add the Word 'Channel' While You Search a Video

While searching for a video on YouTube with ease, adding the word 'Channel' to your search keyword is mandatory. Doing so will display the list of the most accurate results.

#2 Avoid the Fan Made Videos by Adding

#2 Avoid the Fan Made Videos by Adding 'Partner' in Search Keyword

There are numerous fan made unwanted videos available on YouTube that are often extremely disturbing. To avoid such videos and view only the official content, all that the users are required to do is just add the word 'Partner' to their search.


Add 'HD' to Search Keywords For Better Video Quality

To view the best quality of your favorite video, all that has to be done is add the word 'HD' to the keyword that you are searching on YouTube and get high definition videos.


Add '3D' and 'Long' to Search Keywords

Likewise, a YouTube user can add the '3D' and 'Long' words in the keywords while searching for any video. Doing so will display the 3D video and popular lengthy videos for a better YouTube experience.

Mix and Match Keywords While Searching Other than just adding these words to your search, mixing and matching other words while searching a video on YouTube can display better results. Hence, using multiple keywords in one single search delivers better video results on YouTube.

Source : gizbot

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