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5 Apps that Android Photographers Must Have

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The technology inside out little smart phone cameras are pretty awesome.  The reason why point and shoot cameras have become obsolete are due to these little handheld camera slash computers.  The images and videos we take with our smart phones, for the most part, are pretty good by themselves and left alone.  Well if you are one who likes to do little tweaks here and there or love to app stack and create pieces of digital art, you need to have a good stable of photography apps in your mobile darkroom.

The long time leader in mobile photography has been the iPhone. It is the first of all the smart phones that recognized that the camera would become one of the best parts of having a device. We owe that vision to Steve Jobs for sure. Well tides have started to change recently.  The King of mobile photography is starting to take a backseat to Android phones. Samsung (S7) and HTC (HTC 10) have both blew the doors open on their cameras and are now tied for the best glass according to DXO Mark. Throw in the idea that Android phones have always been the most bought smart phone device and you have the formula for dethroning the King.

What iPhone had that set it a part was its app ecosystem.  Well the app ecosystems for Android have now completed its act of dethroning. Androids are now able to shoot in RAW. Apps that were the most popular in Apple's App Store are now available in Google Play and are now able to edit these RAW files. End game.  Sorry Apple.

So Android photographers, here are those apps that you must have in your mobile darkroom!

Adobe Lightroom 2.0 for Android

[Price: Free]

Adobe is the longtime leader for desktop photo and video editing. Lightroom for Android was just recently released announcing its changes; RAW support and non-destructive editing via its cloud and desktop application. I put this app first because of the latter.  If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account then your phone photos can be edited on both your mobile and desktop. 


Snapseed for Android

[Price: Free]

Snapseed is a Google app but was an iOS app before that.  Since its release it has been everyones favorite app and is definitely a must have.  This app was the first on Android to support the RAW photos editing. The "tune image" and basic editing is very good. Its use of sliders and one-touch enhance tools makes this app one of the easiest to use. For as long as I have had it, it has always been truly free.  No in-app purchases and extra pricing also makes this a mobile photographers best friend. 

[Price: In-App Purchases]

I absolutely love this app. I recently posted on my Instagram that if anyone knew of any good perspective correction apps in the Google Play store. Luckily someone responded with this app. I totally forgot that this awesome app was also out for Android. Quickly if you need an app that can remove the distortion that our smart phone camera lenses show (most evident in architectural and symmetrical images) then SKRWT is for you. 

VSCO Cam for Android

[Price: In-App Purchases]

Originally a film-emulsion emulator add for the desktop Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture, VSCO Cam has quickly taken over mobile photography with its easy to use app.  Along with its ease of use though, VSCO Cam has helped define the aesthetic of mobile photography.  It has a strong community of photographers that share their best work on the platform. It is really quick to learn and flexible for Android shooters to use to give pop to their images for make the minor detail tweaks to make them happy. Also there is a plethora of filters to slap on your images. 


Afterlight for Android

[Price: $.99]

Speaking about filters, Afterlight has just so much to help you pretty up your photos.  It probably has the biggest selection of filters with almost 60 total.  Also you can get some combinations from the community which is an added bonus in finding some good filters from others. Throw in even more textures per filter and you have an endless amount of options. 

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