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40+ Bing Tools, Tips and Tricks


Bing is a new decision based search engine that organizes search results and provides tools to get things done quickly. It organizes popular results by category to help you get the answers you’re looking for and tools to help you accomplish important tasks such as buying a product, planning a trip or finding a local business as quickly as possible. 

Bing Top Features

  • Auto-Suggest – Offers intelligent alternatives for search queries
  • Instant Answers – Serves up information within search results, eliminating the need to click on anything
  • Best Match – Provides useful links and information for definitive sites
  • Related Searches – Points to deeper information available with one click
  • Deep Links – Enables easy, direct access to relevant content within a site
  • Quick View – Summarizes a Web site at a glance, before clicking through to the site
  • Smart Video Preview – Previews a 30-second clip of videos simply by scrolling onto them
  • Infinite Scroll – Provides easily browsed image results without clicking to a new page
  • Quick Tabs – Tailors search results with one click

Bing Tips and Tricks

1) Access full features of

To explore all the options inside Bing, which may not be available in your region, visit here and set English – US as your default region. You can now use all the Bing features from anywhere.

2) How can I find a weather forecast?

In the search box, type the name of the city followed by weather or forecast.

London Forecast

london weather

3) How can I convert from one unit to another?

In the Bing search box, type the quantity, followed by in, followed by the conversion. For example, type 10 kilometers in miles. Another example could be 50 degrees F in Celsius. The operator ‘in’convert units of measurements for distance, weight, time, volume, and temperature.

4) Finding Live Financial Quotes Instantly

In the search box, just type ticker symbols that are used to represent companies in stock markets followed by stock or quote. For example to find the financial quotes of International Business Machine, type IBM stock or IBM quote.

5) Retrieving Statistical Information

In the search box, type what you want to find. For example, population of USA, or cars in US.

6) Solving simple Mathematical Equations

In the search box, type the equation that you want to solve or the constant that you want to find the value of. The following examples show some of the simple mathematical calculations and conversions that you can type in the search box.

  • Calculations: Get answers to arithmetic problems. For example:


sqrt 4

sin 10 * 40

14% of 94

  • Equation solver: Solve simple algebraic equations. For example:


2y^2 + 5y + 10 = 40

Solve 2x + 7 = 4

7) How do I find Hotels in a particular city?

While planning for a holiday, you must be looking for hotels, try some of these examples:

Vegas hotels

hotels in Orlando

San Francisco hotels

8) Tracking Flight Status instantly.

To see the flight status, try some of these examples:

  • flight status for United – Bing will prompt you to enter the flight number on the first result itself. Enter the flight number and press ‘Get Status’ button.
  • flight status – Bing will prompt you to enter the flight name and number on the first result itself. Enter the flight name and number and press ‘Get Status’ button.
  • ua820 – If you know the flight number then will retrieve the flight status of ua820 instantly.

9) Get quick access to flight deals and cheap tickets.

If you are planning for a holiday then you must be searching for cheap air tickets.To get the cheap flight deals, try some of following examples:

  • Deals on specific routes: flights from Seattle to Boston
  • Deals from a specific city: flights from San Diego
  • Deals to a specific city: flights to Boston

Advanced search keywords for Bing

Sometime provides the search results which may be irrelevant to you. Walking through number of pages is very annoying and time consuming activity. Using advanced keywords you can limit the search results so that you find only what you want. Don’t include a space after the colon in these keywords.

10) Search sites with associated filetype

To search for websites that contain links to Microsoft Windows Media Audio (.wma) files, type music contains:wma. The keyword ‘contains:’ Keeps results focused on sites that have links to the file types that you specify.

11) Search files or document of particular filetype.

To find files or document created in PDF format, type your subject, followed by filetype:pdf. Returns only webpages created in the file type that you specify. For example, SEO filetype:pdf will retrieve results with filetype pdf only. If you search for SEO filetype:doc, then the will retrieve results with MS Office word document. You can use any filetype you are searching for.

12) Find MP3 Music Files



The keyword contains:’ retrieve the results that have links to the file types that you specify. For example, if you type britney spears contains:mp3 will show pages that are about the singer and that also link to MP3 files. You can search for other music file formats.

13) To Find websites hosted by a specific IP address

Type the ip: keyword, followed by the IP address of the website. For example, IP: Note, The IP address must be a dotted quad address

14) Return webpages for a specific language

To find results in a particular language just specify the language code directly after the language:keyword. For example if you are searching for antiques then type “antiques” language:en.

15) Adding emphasis to a search term

To find results about football but that primarily pertain to the organization, type football prefer:organization. ‘prefer:’ adds emphasis to a search term or another operator to help focus the search results.

16) Return webpages from a specific country or region

Specify the country or region code directly after the loc: keyword. You can use a logical OR to include one more language. For example, To see webpages about sculpture from the U.S. or Great Britain, type sculpture (loc:US OR loc:GB). Image results can be accessed at the bottom of the page.

17) Return webpages from a website

To see webpages about blogging from the BBC or CNN websites, type “blogging” ( OR To focus on two or more domains, we have used a logical ORto group the domains.

18) To find RSS or Atom feeds

To find RSS or Atom feeds about baseball, type feed:baseball.

19) Find RSS or Atom feeds of particular website

To find webpages on the New York Times website that contain RSS or Atom feeds,

type hasfeed:football. ‘hasfeed:’Finds webpages that contain an RSS or Atom feed on a website for the terms you search for.

20) Check if website is listed in

To verify that the Microsoft domain is in the index, type For example, must return a single result. Similarly, you can test your own blog or websites. Make sure, in robot.txt file, you have allowed to index your website or blog.

21) To Check number of webpages indexed in

Type to see how many pages have been actually indexed in For example,

22) Export Session History directly to SkyDrive

Many times we look for information we came across in a previous search. Session History remembers your queries within a single browser session for up to 48 hours. You can also save your searches in a local folder or to your Windows Live SkyDrive folders for future use using enhanced My Search Folders view. . Alternatively, you may send your search queries to a friend via email or publish them on your Facebook account via Bing.

  • Click on “manage” link underneath the list of previous search queries at the bottom of the Explore Pane.
  • The history management page appears. From here you can browse through past searches, the clicked sites and the time, identify the query you’re looking for, and click on the link to pick up where you left off.
  • To save a search, click on “Save and Share” on the right of the screen. From there, you will see your recent searches and the results you clicked on. Simply check the boxes next to the results you want to save, and hit the “Save” button at the top. From there, you can create a new folder into which you would like the result saved or create a new one. You can save the results directly on your local drive, or you can sign in with your Windows Live ID and save the results to your Windows Live SkyDrive. As well, you can easily send search results to your friends via e-mail, MSN Messenger and your Facebook feed.

23) Watch Preview of Hulu Videos

With Bing you can watch shot previews of Hulu video even if you are living outside US. Just search for any TV show episode on Bing Videos (see example) and hover the mouse over any of the video thumbnail to watch a short clip.

  • Click on “Videos” from the Bing Home Page.
  • Click on “TV Shows” from the Explore Pane.
  • Note the easy navigation of genre from the Explore Pane and the center search results pane.
  • Now, search for “house” from the top search box.
  • In the Explore Pane, click on “Source” and choose from where you want to see your results. If you want to see full-length, high-quality video, choose Hulu.

24) Determine Job Salary

Job Salary Provides users with salary information based on job title and location. For example – Type Seattle software engineer salaryprogrammer pay in Seattlesoftware engineer pay

25) Getting snow report instantly

Give a quick snapshot of snow conditions at mountain resorts worldwide during the season. Just type ‘snow report’ followed by a city For example, type snow report Denver.

26) Determine Area Codes

Area Codes Looks up the location of an area code or ZIP code. Just type area code followed by code. For example, area code 724

27) Currency Converter

No need to search for a currency converter. Just type ‘convert 100 dollars to yen’ for currency conversion from dollars to yen.

28) Track Packages

Actively Tracks DHL, UPS and other packages by tracking number. Just type the package number in the search field of For example, type DHL 2710172150


29) Get the Used Car history

Vehicle lookup by VIN provides protection against buying a used car with costly, hidden problems. Just type the VIN number and hit the search button. For example, type 3fafp11392r187591

30) Combine or Excluding words

Use the OR and NOTkeywords to combine or exclude words. For example, if you use Apple NOTRed, you will get results for Apple but not for Red Apples. This feature is currently available only in select countries and regions.

31) Search for exact phrase

If you are searching for exact phrases then make sure that you place the search words within quotation marks. For example, “money making blog”. The feature is very useful when you are looking for some particular error message while developing any application or tool.

Internet Explorer (IE8) – Addons for Bing

1) Bing Search

Integrate Bing to your IE8 browser. Once integrated type the search term and will provide you with real time relevant search suggestions. Add Bing Search to IE8 here.

2) Weather from Bing

To get the instant weather updates from your city just type your city + “weather” on the page that pops up and click on the Bing result that you can subscribe to as a Web Slice. Add Weather from Bing to IE8 here. Note: currently works in US market only.

3) Bing Maps

Quickly map any address or location inside your browser with the Bing Maps Accelerator. Add Bing Maps to IE8 here.

4) Bing Translator

It is a free online language translation service for text and web pages. Easily translate any text on any webpage with this Accelerator. Add Bing Translator to IE8 here. You can use Microsoft Translator for language translation.

5) Bing Shopping

If you are looking for instant product prices, cashback offers, reviews and other relevant information and helps you save when shopping online, then Bing Shopping addon may do wonders for you. Add Bing Shopping to IE8 here.

6) Finance from Bing

Just type the ticker symbol (msft, for example for Microsoft), to get stock information and Bing displays rich stock information. You can also subscribe to as a Web Slice. Add Finance from Bing to IE8 here.

7) Traffic from Bing

Type your city “traffic” (For example, Orlando traffic) and Bing provides a result that you can subscribe to as a Web Slice. Note: currently works in US market only. Add Traffic from Bing to IE8 here.

8) Bing Maps for Outlook

You can actively plan your appointments and meeting requests with – Bing Maps for Outlook. The addon will not send e-mail addresses or information regarding the time and date of your appointments or meeting requests and thereby protecting your privacy. Add Bing Maps for Outlook to IE8 here.

9) Bing Image Search

If you want to search images in directly from the IE8 then add this wonderful Addon. It searches for Images within Bing. Add Bing Image Search to IE8 here.

You can also search for information on your mobile using Bing for Mobile. If you are looking for local information or looking for directions then ‘Bing For Mobile’ will provide an easy way to find details and directions.


  • You don’t have to type the word AND between your search words. By default, all the searches are AND.
  • You must capitalize the NOT and OR operators. Otherwise, Bing Search will ignore them.
  • You can type up to 150 characters, including spaces, in the search box.
  • Only the first 10 terms are used to get search results
  • Term grouping and Boolean operators are supported in the following preferred order:

parentheses ()

quotation marks 

NOT + –


OR |

Source : aboutonlinetips

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