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4 Social Search Engines To Track User Data


There are different types of search engines—in other words, Google GOOGL +0.81% isn’t always going to be the best choice. What if you want to find niche products or services, or it’s crucial that you get information in real-time? There are social search engines which only provide content that was provided specifically for them, and there are others that gather data from numerous sources which are designed to serve certain demographics.

As a business owner, you might want to tap into social search engines in order to get key information to customers. By immediately (and automatically) publishing content via RSS feeds, you might be able to reach more, better demographics than simply optimizing your SEO for the big boys like Bing and Yahoo YHOO -0.36%!

Consider these five leading social search engines that excel at tracking user information and make life easier.


1. Smashfuse:

This popular engine works by ditching those static websites and honing in on the most significant of social media sites. Of course,Twitter TWTR +0.11% and Facebook are aggregated here but you’ll also find information from Vimeo, Google+ and the scores of beloved social media platforms around the world you haven’t even heard of. Get instant access to the keywords which are trending right on the home page, or peruse them at your leisure, sorting by each platform.

2. SocialMention:

Part social media search and part analysis tool, this engine aggregates content that’s generated from users around the world, providing you with one user-friendly information feed. You can measure and track what’s being said about your company, you, or a product or topic everywhere online. It updates constantly so you have real-time information, and keeps track of over 100 social media platforms including the biggies like Facebook and YouTube, but also the underdogs. Plus, you can opt for regular monitoring and alerts.


Topsy is a social analytics tool as well as “social search engine,” indexing several hundred billion tweets. It’s unique because it’s one of the few real time sites that popped up during the hey day of 2008 through 2010 that still thrives and survives. Then, the big search engines were making use of real-time information for the first time, which was essentially dooming the smaller sites except for Topsy. It’s the ideal accoutrement to Twitter.

4.Social Searcher:

This fan favorite lets you search for content within social sites (in real time of course) while simultaneously dishing up comprehensive analytics and data. You don’t need to log into your other social media accounts in order to get information, alerts or send messages. Created in 2010, it’s available in dozens of languages, and you can sort information by likes or date.

There are many more social search engines that might be just what you need to quickly get your ducks in a row. Sometimes you need just the basics like Bing—but sometimes, you need a little something extra.

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