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3 Tips To Achieve a Stellar Online Reputation


With the online world developing so quickly, some marketing executives may underestimate the consequences for their brand of a negative online reputation. The power of the web is extraordinary, with people using it to do almost everything, whether that be research, finding a job or watching television. With the sheer amount of internet users today, a brand’s activity online can be easily and widely scrutinized. Check out these few steps to ensure your reputation remains stellar online, and take advantage of the reach that the online world provides.

1. Stay Smart and Active on Social Media

In the last year, social media users have risen by 176 million people, and it’s likely set to increase even more. Companies therefore have the opportunity to reach all these people and raise brand awareness by setting up social media platforms. It also gives you control over your brand image and online reputation and enables unique and friendly relationships with your customers. Try being creative with your profile and update it regularly with interesting posts and company news. This way, customers will always be reminded of your brand and have a chance to learn more. Popular social media platforms you might try include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, SlideShare and Pinterest. Remember that the more you’re on, the more spots you’ll have on a search engine results page, which is a great way to increase popularity.

2. Be Creative

One of the great things about the internet is just how many different options it provides. As a brand, it’s important to note that people explore all kinds of websites and engage in a variety of online content, therefore your company should do the same to maintain your online reputation. Try and be creative about where your brand is visible online and align yourself with sites that represent similar values and are targeting a similar demographic. Different ideas could include blog posts, online competitions that encourage customers to upload content themselves and a user-friendly and informative company website.

3. Manage your Employees

A company’s image is crafted by its employees and the personality that they display. Often, when thinking of doing business with a brand, people will search the companies employees. Therefore, vital to your company’s reputation is the way its employees conduct themselves online. Try and ensure that all workers are maintaining a professional, active and friendly online presence, whether that be their personal social media profiles or when replying to customers online. Furthermore, companies have the opportunity to use the online platform to communicate the way they treat their prospective and current employees. Amway, for example, has a comprehensive ‘Jobs’ page on their website, filled with friendly faces, detailed company information and a clear message in regards to company culture. It’s a great way of gaining respect as a company and maintaining a creative and admirable online reputation.

The internet can be a tricky thing to function as a company. With so many platforms and content options, mistakes can easily be made that put your reputation on the line. However, by following these few tips, you can not only avoid blunders but also ensure that your company is seen as an innovative and reputable firm while taking advantage of the reach and engagement benefits of the internet.

Author : Bonnie Harris

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