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3 Best Paraphrasing Tools to Paraphrase Thesis or Research Papers

By  Jack

In writing a research paper or other content, there are always chances for comprehensive mistakes. While writing, your content should be unique and accurate.

When your content contains plagiarism or grammar mistakes, you always need some help to solve them. Then you go for the tools which correct these mistakes automatically.

There are many tools on the internet that are doing this work properly for their users because their algorithm is based on AI.

If you don’t know what AI is, let me give you a short introduction to AI.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the ability of a computer program to learn and think. AI is a broad branch of computer science concerned with building intelligent machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

So, let’s get back to the point!

Here are the 3 tools which are easy to use and give you the best results:


These 3 tools are the best to use by students, freelancers, SEO experts & content creators. Writers can also use paraphrasing tools to boost their writing style and tone.

Let’s talk about them in detail.

If you searched for the best paraphrasing tool to craft quality content, then your search is over now. is the leading rewriting tool that changes the old content into a new one without changing its original meaning.

The paraphrase tool used proper vocabulary, tone, and style to rewrite any content. The paraphrase online tool crafts 100% accurate and plagiarism-free content.

How to use has a user-friendly interface, even beginners use this tool very easily. 

To use this tool, simply enter your data into the input box, select your preferred mode, and click on the paraphrase button. The paraphrase tool shows you the result in an instant with the help of flashy, advanced AI algorithms.

Features is available in five unique modes, each mode has its own tone and style of writing.

The five modes are:


It is free to use and has a default mode. It rewrites content without changing its core meaning. It ensures the writer's crafted content sounds genuine and unique.


Elegant is also a free-to-use rephrasing mode. This rephrasing mode is designed to make the content fluent. This mode makes the content unique and plagiarism-free by using suitable synonyms.

Productive mode

This mode is available for free and makes maximum changes to rephrase the content. It ensures that the content feels new, unique, and readable.

It crafts impressive and flashy content that attracts a large audience.


It is a paid mode with more changes. It makes the content sound more natural, with significant changes. This mode is best for those who want to enhance their writing skills and make their content suitable for every platform.


It is also a paid mode. It makes the content easily readable; even a student in the fifth class reads the content and understands it very easily. It makes maximum changes in content and uses very simple synonyms to make content easily understandable.

2. Rephrase

On the list of best tools, rephrase is one of the best tools available on the internet, with advanced features other tools didn’t support. This paraphrasing tool can rephrase a text by changing words into synonyms or using similar sentence structures.

Many things can be done with it, including writing blog posts, making unique articles, and copywriting for marketing. is best for freelance writers and professionals to boost their writing careers.

Using the rephrase online tool, you can get quality content to increase user engagement on the website. You will get magnetic content and a competitive advantage, which will help the user get more traffic and sales on your website.

How to use is effortless; First, you must write the text in the box and solve the captcha. The last step you have to do is simply click on the “Paraphrase Now,” and you will get the results.

Features has three modes which are;

  • Fluency.
  • Standard.
  • Creative.


Fluency mode is accessible but has word limits of 500 words. If your text is below 500 words, it will give you done paraphrasing by changing synonyms and structure of the sentence, but if you have some long-term articles, you have to purchase the premium package.


Standard mode is also a free version having some limits for users. There is some difference between Standard and Creative modes; Standard modes provide more synonyms for words that are difficult to read. It is quite a good version but not enough so. It also has a word limit of 500 words due to the free version.


Creative mode is a paid version of; it provides more features than free mode and makes the readability of content much easier. The words and sentences are changed, but the meaning remains the same as it is.

In Creative mode, you have access to the following features;

  • Words limit increased to 1500
  • No Ads
  • 24/7 support

The subscription plan of is very affordable. provides two plans: monthly and yearly subscription plans. You can buy a monthly package for just $20, and on the other side, for an annual plan, you have to pay $150 and get the subscription.

3. ManyWriters

many writers is a fast-developing, creative and dynamic custom writing service that has never failed to deliver its customers only high-quality and non-plagiarized texts. 

It is also an automated paraphrasing tool based on AI. It works with the algorithm of AI and paraphrases the content in a few seconds based on article length and wording also depends on your internet.

After adding the text in the Specific field, click the “Paraphrase” button, and you will get the results. It will automatically paraphrase the given text and highlight the words in green that are changed by the tool. You can also change the word’s synonyms by clicking on a specific word you want to change.


Are you searching for an intelligent paraphrasing tool? is a versatile writing assistant designed for students. It proudly stands out as one of the most advanced rewriting tools available to ensure that content always feels fresh, readable, and tailored to its audience.

How to use 

Using is a breeze. Simply enter your text into the designated box, select your preferred mode and tone, and the tool will handle the rest. Based on your selection, you will get a refined version of your content that meets the highest standards of writing.

Features offers eight paraphrasing modes which are: 

  1. Free Rewriter

This mode takes any text, up to 20,000 characters in length, and rephrases it. It's perfect for basic rephrasing tasks, providing fresh content without heavy modifications.

  1. Text Improver

If you're looking to polish your writing or make it more reader-friendly, the Text Improver is your go-to. It enhances readability, simplifies complex sentences, and makes your content easily digestible for a wider audience.

  1. Near Human

Designed to emulate human rewriting abilities, this mode offers modifications that feel organic and not machine-generated. It aims to deliver content that seems as if it was rephrased by a professional writer.

  1. Plagiarism Remover

Taking originality a notch higher, the Plagiarism Remover ensures that the output is not only rephrased but also distinct from the source material, guaranteeing the integrity of the content and reducing plagiarism concerns.

  1. Creative

For those looking to inject fresh ideas and perspectives into their content, the Creative mode goes beyond mere word replacement. It infuses the text with innovative angles and narratives while preserving the original meaning

  1. Academic

Tailored specifically for scholarly writings, this mode understands the nuances of academic writing. It ensures that research papers, theses, and other academic texts are rephrased with appropriate terminology while retaining the research's essence.

  1. Quill Text

It streamlines content, ensuring that it's clear, concise, and straight to the point, eliminating fluff and redundancy.

  1. Sentence Rephraser

This mode meticulously goes through each sentence, rephrasing it individually. It's great for content that requires nuanced rephrasing at a granular level.

Besides modes, offers the following features

  • Audio paraphrasing tool online
  • 4 Tone customization options
  • Speech to text paraphrasing
  • Image-to-text paraphraser
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • AI text editor
  • Synonym-changing Feature
  • Web browsing 

The first three modes – 'Free Rewriter', 'Text Improver', and 'Near Human', are freely available. Moreover, its multimedia paraphrasing, web browsing, and synonym-changing features are also free. 

On the other hand, the more advanced modes and tone customization are bundled within the premium package that only costs $7 per month. 


Students who do not know how to paraphrase should follow the process mentioned above. At first, it seems to be a difficult task, but it is not if you get familiar with these steps.

The tools listed above are great for paraphrasing theses, research papers, and other academic works.

Have a look at them and get the best of them.


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