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2016: A look back at the year in job searches


As we bring 2016 to close, jobs site Indeed looked back at some of the key moments from the year and how they affected jobseekers.

This year has certainly been an eventful one. From the recent US election and the Rio Olympics, to Brexit and Pokémon Go, we haven’t been lacking in excitement, both good and bad.

But how have the biggest events of 2016 affected jobseekers? Global jobs site Indeedanalysed its search engine to find out what jobseekers were looking for, when they were most active and what kind of searches were spurred on by external factors.

Inspirefest17-Super-Early-Bird-end-15-Dec 2016: A look back at the year in job searches

January is well known to be the month of resolutions and life changes, so it’s no surprise that the site saw a 44pc increase in job searches in January compared to the previous December.

In the world of technology, jobs connected to augmented reality (AR) spiked in May. Why? It’s no coincidence that Pokémon Go was released in beta mode that same month. It looks like jobseekers were hoping to cash in on the AR craze.

When Britain dramatically voted to leave the EU in June, Indeed had a 73pc increase in job searches leaving the UK, with surges of interest towards Ireland and other English-speaking job markets.

In October, interest in fintech and blockchain roles hit their peak, which is no surprise given that 2017 is going to be the year of blockchain.

Finally, the US election came to a turbulent end in November. Job searches from the US to Canada started climbing on election night as it started to look likely that Donald Trump would be elected. By the time the election was called, US searches for jobs in Canada spiked to ten times their normal share for that time of the day. This quickly developed into searches in other English-speaking countries, including Ireland and New Zealand.

On the flip side, Indeed also saw a spike in job searches within the Trump administration and at his many companies in the run-up to the election.

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Author : Jenny Darmody

Source : https://www.siliconrepublic.com/careers/job-searches-lookback-2016


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