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12 Terrible Habits That You Can Either Stop Now or Regret Later


What are the top bad habits to stop immediately or I'll regret big time later in life? the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

1- Forgetting That You Will Die - People waste time like they are going to live forever. You will die. Everything you take for granted will be stripped from you. Walking, talking, breathing and sh*ting are gifts, and one day the universe will take them back.

2- Saying "I can't" Instead of "I won't" - Look 99% of the time, you mean to say I won't when you say I can't. When you say I won't, you take responsibility for what you are saying no to. It gives you power, and sometimes it shows you where you are being weak.

3- Letting your self-image run your life - People are working jobs they don't want, going home to people they never loved, and living in cities they hate because they are afraid of making decisions that will make them look bad. You will look incompetent at the beginning of any journey. Incompetence is temporary, regret last a life time.

4- Watching TV by Yourself - If you want to watch a game, go to that teams bar. If you want to watch a show, find a friend and watch it with them. Throw out your TV and make watching the Tele a social experience. Don't waste your life watching other people live theirs.

5- Not Acting on your Worries - If you are worried about something, act on it as soon as possible. This kills your anxiety levels and helps you sleep better at night. Definitely don't wait for things to get out of hand before dealing them.

6- Waiting For Things to Happen - Tens of thousands of people die everyday because they don't have access to clean water, life doesn't care about you getting a promotion and finding love. Go out and learn how to get what you want.

7- Not Taking Care of Oral Hygiene - I want you think about how many people don't exist because someone had bad breath.

8- Using "That's Just Not Me" as an Excuse Not to Grow - Look nothing is going to be "You" before you do it. You is a fluid concept, if you want to learn how to do something, do it.

9- Masturbating Multiple Times a Day - Look I know this is a weird one to include, but guys and I do mean men, masturbating everyday drains you of your testosterone, which kills your motivation and makes you overall less awesome. Read the testimonials on the reddit "NoFap" for success stories. This doesn't mean don't ejaculate ever, as that can have an adverse effect on your prostate, namely prostate cancer.

10- Not Listening to People's Advice - Don't get in the habit of asking people for advice and then not applying it.

11- Not Telling the People You Love "I Love You" - Not a day goes by I don't tell the people I love, "Love you" because you never know when it's going to be your last time speaking to them.

12- Not Wearing a Seat Belt - It's a lot easier to put on your seat belt before the accident happens.

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