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11 terrible things that you should never ever search for online


There has never been anything like the search engine called Google.

You can type in the most random term and something, most likely a photo, will pop up to explain what it means – which is nice.

Except if it’s any one of these 11 things. The hint is in the headline – we already told you they were terrible so be warned.

1. Elephantiasis

My Lord!!!

It’s an infection that most Nigerians think affects only the feet but actually can strike any part of the body.

2. Skin conditions


You don’t even have to specify which one.

3. De-gloving

Oh dear

Remember when Hakeem Kae Kazim‘s character was chopping people’s arms off in Blood Diamond?

That’s all.

4. Lemon Party


It is NOT about Beyonce‘s Lemonade.

5. Two girls and one cup


This clip is old, yet still terrible enough to tramautise anyone stupid enough to search for it.

6. R Bud Dwyer


Most Nigerians will want their politicians to do what this American lawmaker did, not just on live television.

7. Child porn

What’s even your problem?

Do we need to say how disturbed anyone who does this is? You belong to jail forever. And hell fire after that.

8. Krokodil

How you’ll feel if you are stubborn enough to search it up

No, it’s not a misspelling of ‘crocodile’.

10. Bedbugs on your mattress

The sight of this search will agonise the rest of your existence

*insert crying emojis here*

10. Calculus Bridge

Horrible, horrible idea

Don’t feel bad if you played truant in your math class; this is not an algebra quiz.

11. Death Clock

Who sent me work ooo

This will simply tell you the day you will die. Who wants to know that?

Author : Jide Taiwo

Source : http://thenet.ng/2017/03/11-terrible-things-that-you-should-never-ever-search-online/


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