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11 Great iPad Tricks and Hidden Features You Must Try Today


Are you making the most of your iPad? With these tips, you will save time, save batteries and most of all, save your sanity! From getting Siri to really listen to sync your podcast across devices, these are our favorite under-appreciated iPad and iPhone tricks. 

1- Get Siri to Really Listen

New Features Make Siri More Useful
New Features Make Siri More Useful. Apple

iOS 8 has provided the iPad with a number of great enhancements, including the ability to summon personal assistant Siri with just the voice command: "Hey Siri." The only snag is that you need to have your iPad connected to a power source when you use this feature. Luckily, a reddit user found a workaround: just make sure the Siri interface is visible (and the autolock is off) and you should be able to ask Siri questions while driving a car or baking bread.

2- Axe battery killers
Bernhard Lang/Stone/Getty Images

iOS 8 comes with a new feature that allows you to view the battery usage of each app on your iPad. To access it, go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. You should quickly be able to tell what's worth it -- and what's a battery hog. 

3- Add Favorite Sites as Links on Home
Add your favorite sites to your Home screen
Add your favorite sites to your Home screen. Apple

If there are sites that you visit over and over again, simply hit the "share" button (square with an upward arrow) to reveal the option to add the page to your home screen. Your favorite website will then appear as an icon on home.

4- Sync your podcasts across devices
Photo courtesy Apple

Maybe you have favorite podcasts that you like to listen to, such as this list of "Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs." You can sync your podcast subscriptions, stations, and playback position between your iOS devices, computers with iTunes, and Apple TV.

5- Eliminate Distractions
The Hanx Writer provides a clean interface
 The Hanx Writer provides a clean interface. Hanx Writer

Typing apps like the Hanxwriter, a typewriter app developed by Tom Hanks, present a writing interface free of distractions. Try it and boost your productivity. 

6- Get Free Ebooks
TouTouke/Moment/Getty Images

You can read anything on your iPad that's in the ePub format, and on Project Gutenberg offers 46,000 free ebooks, many of them great classics.


7- Hold down the . key


 Holding down the period key on your iPad to reveal .com. .us, .org, and .edu. 

8- Take Customer Service on the Go


Ready to offer your customers better service options via technology? While you should already be using social media to proactively address your customers' needs, there are also several customer service platforms that allow you to quickly and easily provide customer service via the web. 

9- Get More Productive


Are you still writing your "to-do" list on the back of a coffee-stained envelope? In this age of technology, there's no need to!

TeuxDeux and Remember the Milk are two apps that make slaying your to-do list a breeze, and both were designed especially for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs! Read about them here. 

10- Know What Song is Playing
Cultura/DUEL/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Siri is now equipped with Shazam, so if you hear a song you like at a restaurant or bar, just ask her what's playing and she should be able to tell you! 

11- Never Lose Your iPad
Let Apple help you find your phone or iPad
Let Apple help you find your phone or iPad. Apple

The "find my phone" feature is a godsend to many iPad users. But did you know that you can set your iPad to send its last location to Apple in the case of a battery failure? Great news for when your iPad gets lost behind the couch! 

Just open "Settings," access iCloud/Find my iPad and enable "send last location." 

Source: This article was published on thebalance.com


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