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10 Trendy Mobile Web Apps for iPhone and Android


Popular Mobile Apps That Every Smartphone Owner Should Be Using

As the world continues to shift farther away from our trusty old desktop computers and more toward our smartphones and tablets, the trend suggests that the future of web browsing could go completely mobile in just a few more short years.

But browsing the web and using all of your regular web tools on a desktop computer or a laptop is completely different from doing it on a smartphone, so here are 10 essential apps we recommend for nearly all users looking to improve their own mobile web experience.

1- Chrome Mobile Web Browser

Although Chrome certainly isn’t for everyone and you might prefer a mobile web browser like Safari, Firefox or Opera, we highly recommend checking it out. It’s been out for a while in the iTunes store for iOS device users, and you can check out the review that our own iPod/iPhone Guide gave it. Since everyone already uses Google and has a Google account, it’s convenient to have all your Google tools integrated with one another—which is exactly what Chrome does. It’s obviously available for Android as well. More »

2- Evernote

If you’re a fan of staying organized, you’ll love the Evernote app. It’s one of the best productivity apps on the mobile web today, and you can use it to do all sorts of things like create text, photo and audio notes from anywhere—and then share them easily between your other devices like your tablet or laptop/desktop computer. The interface is absolutely gorgeous, and you can get for both Android and iOS.More »

3- Dropbox

Dropbox is another wonderful tool that will make you wonder how you ever went on without it. It’s a free cloud storage service, meaning that you can save files to your Dropbox account and access them from any device. So, for example, if you took a photo on your smartphone and wanted to access it from your computer later, all you have to do is stick it in your Dropbox folder, and it will be waiting right there for you at your computer. It’s available for both Android and iOSMore »

4- Google Maps

Google Maps is still the king of mobile navigation. If you have an Android device, you probably already have it installed, but iOS users that have made the latest operating system upgrades probably saw it be replaced with Apple Maps. To get Google Mapsback on your iOS device, you need to access maps.google.com through your web browser, such as through Safari, and then hit the arrow button at the bottom of the screen so you can attach a shortcut by choosing “Add to Home Screen.” More »

5- Flipboard

Instead of browsing through your favorite news sites one by one, you can get all of your news rolled into one beautiful app, called Flipboard. Flipboard is famous for its magazine-like interface, clean layout and smooth transitions as you flip through its virtual pages. You can connect it to your social networks so it can learn what you like most, and then it will display stories catered to your interests. It’s available for both Android and iOSMore »

6- Gmail

If you have a Google account or a YouTube account, you likely have a Gmail account as well. With nearly unlimited storage for all your email, Google’s Gmail has been one of the most popular email service choices due to its great web interface. The company has done a great job on its mobile app interfaces as well, making it easier than ever to read, organize, write and send email right from your smartphone. Gmail is available for both Android and iOSMore »

7- RedLaser

 This app acts as a barcode scanner for products, which pulls up instant price comparisons and related information from sites like Google, eBay, TheFind and Half.com. The updates with this app just keep getting better, and it now features keyword searches for prices as well as voice search functionality. If you want, you can even send scanned products through email attachments, or create your own QR Codes from them. RedLaser is available for both Android and iOS.More »


8- Songza

This is one of the hottest music appsout there, and if you don’t pay for a Spotify or Rdio subscription, Songzacould be just what you need. It’s completely free, but it brings you high-quality music streaming from a massive library of past and current artists, from a huge variety of genres. It’s best feature is its Concierge, which learns what you like and offers music suggestions based on your tastes. With Songza, you can listen to music on the go by downloading it for Android and for iOSMore »

9- YouTube

Even if you don’t regularly view video content on your smartphone, the YouTube video app is still handy have—especially since the iOS platform got a brand new YouTube app with the debut of iOS 6. Video content is popular, especially in search, so if you’re browsing for information or instructions on something, your mobile device can quickly and automatically pull the YouTube app when you click a video. As a Google service, it’s most certainly available for Android as well. More »


10- Instagram

Finally, we just had to include Instagram. No other photo sharing social network is as popular as Instagram these days. Still primarily a platform meant for the mobile web, it’s growth has been huge, and sharing photos with friends has never been easier (even if you’re not really a fan of the vintage photo filters). Instagram has always been available for iOS devices, and is now also available for Android users as well. More »

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