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10 Social Media Apps You Should Be Using in 2017


If you’ve ever tried to build classic flat pack furniture without that special screwdriver, you know how important the right tool can be. For social media managers, knowing the right tools and the best apps can make all the difference between a successful campaign and a mediocre one.

With countless new apps being launched every day, it can be hard to know which ones are worth using. To help you with that, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites below. Tap a name to jump to the description or continue reading for the complete rundown.

Top social media apps for marketers

1. Pyrus

2. Bear

3. Pocket Casts

4. Hootsuite Enhance

5. DuoBook

6. Headspace

7. Boxer Pro

8. Into

9. Daycap

10. Confide


Free on the App Store
Coming soon to Android

You can’t afford an inefficient workflow when you’re managing a team. Pyrus makes sure you don’t have to.

The Pyrus app is a team communication tool for real-time messaging, task delegation, and approval flows. It keeps you updated on your team’s tasks and progress with an integrated search feature.

The Pyrus app allows for increased collaboration with chat and quick file-sharing. If you’re on the go and without internet access, Pyrus enables offline functionality. For social media managers this means the most streamlined processes yet.  


Free on the App Store
Free for Mac

You never know when your next content idea will strike, but with Bear at least you know you’ll have a place to keep it. Bear is an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing writing and note-taking app that will also help keep you organized.

You can hashtag your notes and content to link them together and easily find them in the future. Bear’s Advanced Markup Editor allows for clear editing and sharing options so you can collaborate easily across teams. 

Pocket Casts

$5.99 on the App Store 
$3.99 on Google Play

Podcasts are a go-to source of information for many social media marketers. But with so many great options, it can be a struggle to find and keep track of all the great programs out there. Thankfully, Pocket Casts exists. The app has been called the best podcast app for both iPhones and Android devices—and for good reason.

The Pocket Casts database includes any podcast you could ever want, with over 300,000 unique shows. These are sorted by featured, trending, and most popular, so you can easily find something new.

With advanced playback features, you can trim silence and add volume boost to help reduce background noise. Other features like intuitive queues and syncing options make Pocket Cast a must-have.

Hootsuite Enhance

Free on the App Store

Instead of cluttering your smartphone with a different app for every function, choose an all-in-one solution for your visuals. Hootsuite Enhance lets you source stock images from a comprehensive library, edit these images with quality tools, and share the images to your social media networks.

Time is money for social media managers, and Hootsuite Enhance saves you both (did we mention it was free to download?). 


Free on the App Store

Most of the social media managers I know have multiple books on the go at any given time. If you struggle with focusing on and completing one book, the DuoBook app can help.

DuoBook saves your place and lets you easily switch between reading an eBook and listening to an audiobook. If you get sick reading in a moving vehicle or are driving, the audiobook format lets you catch up on your book—perfect for social media managers on the go. 


Free on the App Store
Free on Google Play

Social media never sleeps. If you’re a social media manager, you know this better than anyone. The expectation to be “on” at all times can lead to burnout, stress, and an unhealthy work-life balance. The Headspace app works to quiet the mind and sharpen your focus with guided mindfulness meditation.

With Headspace, busy social media managers can choose how long they want their sessions to be.

Boxer Pro

Free on the App Store
Free on Google Play

If “Inbox Zero” is your goal, Boxer Pro is the app for you. The innovative email, calendar, and contact manager helps you tackle your inbox more efficiently.

Busy social media managers can take advantage of features like “Quick Replies” to set and send canned responses. The “Email Like” feature will save you even more time, allowing you to quickly acknowledge a sender’s message when it doesn’t require a more thorough response.

With customizable features like the ability to specify your swipe gestures (to complete functions such as delete, archive, spam, etc.), Boxer Pro sets itself apart from the email client crowd. 


Free on the App Store

Endorsements and partnerships with influencers allow you to reach new networks and a broader audience. But finding these influencers can be difficult.

The Into app helps solve this problem by connecting businesses and brands with agency-represented influencers that include popular bloggers, social media industry leaders, celebrities, and models.

Influencers themselves can use the app to discover endorsement and sponsorship opportunities in their area. 


Free on the App Store

Coming up with new content every day is a common challenge for social media managers. The Daycap app provides a fresh way to generate engaging visual posts. Daycap creates a GIF of the photos you’ve taken over the course of a day.

You can then add locations to your GIFs, and easily share them to Instagram. Use Daycap to create and share GIFs of behind the scenes content, event highlights, and employee profiles. 


Free on the App Store
Free on Google Play
Free for Mac and Windows

Messaging apps are must-have tools for many social media managers, but sometimes security and privacy are overlooked.

The Confide app provides end-to-end, military-grade encryption along with disappearing and screenshot-protected messages.

While Snapchat users have found ways to get around the screenshot issue (such as taking a photo of a Snap with another device), Confide’s patent-pending reading experience unveils only a sliver of each message at a time and ensures the sender’s name is not visible.

The right tools can make the job of a social media manager much easier. Better processes and greater efficiency lend more time to working on what matters—creating engaging content and building online communities.

Author : Dara Fontein

Source : https://blog.hootsuite.com/best-social-media-apps-list/


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