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10 Powerful Gmail Extensions To Supercharge Your Productivity

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To improve your productivity using Gmail you should consider using powerful extensions to help you organize your tasks, follow-up important emails, track them and work offline.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Gmail is a clear leader of email providers. If you work online, there's a big chance you use Gmail. No matter how great the platform is, eventually, emails pile up and it’s hard to keep track of them.

To improve your productivity using Gmail you should consider using powerful extensions to help you organize your tasks, follow-up important emails, track them and work offline.

Today I am sharing some of the most powerful Gmail extensions to supercharge your productivity.


Bananatag works as an email scheduling, tracking, attachment and template tracking tool. There is no doubt that these functions are very useful, but they help you to be more productive as well. Tracking will inform which of your potential customers are obviously interested in buying your products or services and which of them are not worthy of your time.


Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline is a tool provided by Google. Its main functions are quite obvious – you can work, read, search, archive and send emails even while you are offline. Everything will be sent out the moment you connect to the Internet. So while using this extension, you won’t have to waste your time waiting for the time you will be able to connect to the Internet.

Send from Gmail

Send from Gmail is another productivity increasing extension from Google. This tool might save you a lot of time, it adds a Gmail icon in your browser tab so you can compose an email without having to open another window to open Gmail (so it’s twice as fast!).

Gmail Snooze

Gmail Snooze lets you snooze any email that you receive into your Gmail without having to open the inbox window. While using this extension and assigning labels for snoozed email, you won’t have to download or use any extensions, because it functions in the cloud.

Checker Plus

Checker Plus lets you use and easily manage multiple Gmail accounts at once. No need to log in and log out numerous times per day. More to that, it has a beautiful design, supports Inbox by Gmail, Push Notifications and much more. An interesting feature that will also save you some time is the option to read the email out loud when you are too busy to read it yourself.


WiseStamp is an extension that creates rich email signatures. Its’ special features are that you can easily link your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. It’s also easy to share your latest blog posts, Instagram pictures, latest tweets and anything else you like. This way, at the same time, while you are answering emails, you can also promote your business and share your latest content by giving it more visibility.


CloudMagic provides simple, fast and extremely functional searchability. You can easily follow up with the conversation, find an important email in seconds and receive follow-up reminders. More to it, it shows you related documents and events so that the search would be even more informative. CloudMagic works both online or offline.


ActiveInbox helps you deal with numerous tasks that are piling up and saves your precious time. It works similarly to a task manager. It creates tasks out of your emails, tracks your emails, organizes your tasks and makes it even easier to use with its simple and clean design.


Boomerang is a convenient tool for email scheduling. You can write an email like you would do it usually, choose “send later” and set a specific time by clicking on it in the calendar. The extension also sends email reminders, so that you can keep yourself productive by answering those important email at a different timing that you will set yourself.

FollowUp CC

FollowUp CC is a productivity extension for those who want to keep their business relationships on the highest level and stay super productive. The tool suggests some useful insights on each important conversation you are having, it lets you add a “next step” to each email and tag your contacts. The reminders are set up in one click and if you like, you can also set up the follow-up reminders for those clients that don’t reply in a specific timing.

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